2023 Football Tailgating

I know this was discussed a couple of years ago, but didn’t gain much traction. I’m not one of the common posters on here, but lurk in the shadows way too many hours daily. I live vicariously through the groups conversations.

I do a tailgate SW of the stadium along Washington just North of the tunnel (trailer area).

I’m willing to double down and we could utilize it as a “PFB+ Tailgate” as well. Maybe someone even has a PFB flag laying around we could fly with the other flags. I have some old PFB shirts we could fly I guess (haha).

We usually have plenty of food. Just ask that people BYOBeverages and a something to share, if you’d like.

Grills always going, games on the TV(s), canopy with walls and fans to get out of the heat (or cold), etc.

Just trying to gauge interest to get ideas on food.


Main difference this year is we elected to tailgate through most games rather than buying season tickets.


I’d stop by a couple of games.


Will my FYou flag buy me a beer? :wink:

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Does the “Y” happen to be the same color as the background of the flag?


I’d show up before games for sure!

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I’m in a time loop.

I’d be in, especially if we make it a thing.


If this happens, I’ll bring some shirts, hats and stickers to give out


Just wait until I tell you that the football team starts off strong, people’s hopes get up, we have a couple OL go down, and the season goes up in fire…

You’ll really think you’re in a time loop then!


Time is a flat circle.

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Sounds like we have enough interest to get it some movement. It’s pretty simple on my end as the work will already be done, just a little extra food.

Some of our group brings their kiddos, so feel free to bring the family. Even with kiddos around, the shenanigans don’t stop. We’re setup pretty close to “The Walk” so it’s easy to jump over and get in on that and then come back and hang out.

For those that will be more of a stop by for a bit and go, do we want to come up with a timeframe that we could all real quick do a meet up? Maybe at least for the UCA game and go from there. I know Marshall, and others, are probably swamped on game days, so this might give everyone a chance to put faces to names.


I love this idea but it gets brought up every year and it never comes to fruition lol.

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That’s fair.

I can for certain say that the tailgate infrastructure will exist. Now it’s on the people of PFB+ to make an appearance.


Sounds like your spot is pretty close to where we sat up for years. Except we were on the west side of Washington, halfway between NRC and that parking lot. We were there from 2013-2020. When we moved over there Cordell was still up so you couldn’t really set up on the east side of Washington. We just never moved over after they tore it down lol

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I don’t make it up for many games since I lose half the schedule to my busy season at work. But if there’s enough traction to have a game or two designated as the official PFB+ tailgate I would be willing to buy enough beer to make it worth everyone’s time and effort.


Ugh, wrong thread. See you in the realignment thread, @SherlockOhms :joy:



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Let’s do this then. I’ll start a poll and the two games with the most votes we can work to designate as PFB+ tailgate days.

I’ll be open to people swinging by every game, but I like the idea of designating two game days to it!


I could potentially be at the BYU game.

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