2023 Linebacker Poasa Utu Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: 2023 Linebacker Poasa Utu Commits to Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

Utu picked up an OSU offer after attending camp this summer.

Hard to believe a kid from Texas with those kid of stats for one year can be so over looked. Was he playing flag football?

There are alot of unranked kids out there. Im glad we got a true lb. Knowles really let that position lag. 2 of our top 3 are juco. With out covid i would have hated to see the lb last year.
We have a utah commit coming in i think is a lb too.

How do you get true ranking on a kid at this time of year. The base it on flim and flag football.

Everyone know im not big on rankings i want a cowboy that works hard.

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I can’t remember the last time one of our Polynesian cowboys was in trouble . That pipeline we’ve got with these kids is really special . Hope the prez doesn’t shut this one down too .


He’s quick and strong. Looks like a great prospect :+1:

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All they need to do is recall a name called
Malcolm !! Not saying he is but the same type of kid

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