2024 Final Four Run Thread


Well, since this thread had to be bumped, I guess I can modify my model. The average time between Final Fours was 18.3. Back in May 2021, I erroneously rounded to the nearest whole number, resulting in a prediction of 2022. But… the proper rounding method – as a result of the NCAA’s vendetta against us – must clearly be to round UP to the nearest whole number, resulting in an unassailable, fully confident prediction of a Cowboy Final Four run in 2023.

My profuse apologies for getting everyone’s hopes up for last year.


Let’s get it



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And this is what I’m talking about! Lol.

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What happens if you lose? You just lose $5?

(I don’t do sports betting.)


It was a free bet I got from the Gronk promotion, so free money essentially risking lol


Let us pray for this five dollar bill, for he lived a good life. He is gone from us here on material earth, but will live in our hearts forever. Amen.

Should have bet for the NIT Final Four

bump for Phoenix

Or Dallas for the Cowgirls

Cowgirls are title caliber

Well, shockingly, my model was - get this - wrong AGAIN. Maybe I am not cut out for this. But… I cannot help but look back at what I got wrong and it is so clear that it is now staring me in the face. I forgot to remove the Covid year! This actually ADDS a year to the model. I can now say with absolute certainty that 2024 will be our next Final Four appearance.

You’re welcome.


See you in Phoenix?


One day, when I’ve graduated and have a real job, I’ll be able to say yes to these questions.


Yes. Contrary to my hilariously awful record with in-person attendance at away football games, the bball team typically does well when I go see them away from Stillwater. 3-1 in Norman when I’ve went and they don’t win in Norman much.



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I contend you currently do have a real job