2024 QB Maealiuaki Smith Commits to Oklahoma State

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The Cowboys get their QB for 2024.

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We have been waiting for his commitment for awhile. Good list wanting him. I hope he can run a little. Now we will listen to the Debbie Downers. That he’s just a 3 star …… evidently his list doesn’t show that

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Good get


Yeah I really like this kid, highlights show some maneuverability, good arm throwing to opposite hash, and prototypical size.


Curious what this does to the Rangel / Flores situation…


Personally, I think Rangel is going to hit the portal. Flores will be here for at least another year since he’ll get more of an opportunity to play next year since I think Smith will be redshirted.


Rangle I think might go anyway. Flores I doubt. Everyone needs competition to earn a spot

Not that I’m comparing but I’m pretty sure Junipero Serra is where TB12 went. Pretty Cool.

Moves us UP to 53 in rankings. The slow death of gundy and the program on track.

Bowman has applied for and is likely to get an additional Medical Redshirt year. What are thoughts on impact this has to Rangel, Gunnar, Flores, Smith?

Then going into next year, it would be Bowman at QB1, Flores and Gunnar competing for QB2, Smith is redshirted, Rangel hits the portal.

First thought. Competition. The more the better IMO. If you don’t want to compete for the job then it’s probably good for you to go. Second thought. If we are doing any kind of a job at recruiting we should see dudes like Flores beating out Bowman. Third thought. I still maintain that the portal isn’t a sure thing and players like Rangel may not have a place to go that is better. Forth thought. Another good reason for loading up on QB’s, including having bowman stay, is that it gives us a better chance at having a decent backup. Fifth thought. Having Bowman around another year, given his maturity, has to help in the development of our next QB1 as long as they don’t copy his passing fundamentals LOL.


I think he needs to move on. If Rangle transfers, Flores should get a lot of work. A RS freshman should be able to play. Iowa St has o f that’s playing well. He was 3rd stringer

@michael13 Bowman knows if he ever gets benched, he likely will never play college football again. Rangel and/or Gunnar are very likely to outshine all of Bowman’s myriad fundamental flaws.

@bruce4 You’re collapsing a lot of scenarios descriptions (quite good) with your personal predictions (mostly wrong). I’ll help you break down your failed logic for you since you’re befuddled in your aged state.

Competition - Agreed. Just note that at QB, AT MOST 2 will get live snaps so unlikely to keep 3 ready-to-play QB’s on the roster.
Recruiting - Agreed. Staff should be “recruiting over” all players on the roster. That’s the nature of the beast.
Loading Up - See #1. At MOST will be 2 QB’s play ready. All other play-ready QB’s will Transfer out.
Bowman staying - I’ve watched a lot of tape and see some very fundamental issues limiting Bowman’s performance. I don’t know of a single human on the planet that thinks Bowman can/will fix his footwork, throwing motion, pocket presence, mobility or target selection. These are hard limits on Bowman’s abilities.

Now let’s look at each QB’s scenarios:

  • Bowman is a “game manager” at his very best. The myth that he brings experience has not shown out. He’s stunk it up when we needed him the most, and made newbie mistakes throughout. He’s likely going to become an NIL Pimp Daddy given his penchant for name dropping and bragging about networking with other teams’ players. Lot’s of cash in the space. He’s a used car salesman/sports agent 5 years from now.
  • Gunner is likely in-training to become a coach. But he also is NOT the same kid we saw shake in the KState blood bath. It would behoove him to get experience in another program and he is good enough to start at a Tulsa, North Texas, Abilene Christian or somewhere else while also getting excellent coaching experience in a different program.
  • Flores will enter the competition next season but also is on radar of Nebraska and likely other plains schools at a minimum. If he’s not in a position to compete for the starting job (i.e. Dunn brain farts all over Bowman again), he will transfer.
  • Rangel is the best QB we’ve seen in an OState uniform since Spencer punked out. He’s is a much improved version of the true freshman that played behind a horrific OLine.

If Bowman and Dunn both stay, Rangel will transfer. If either leaves, Rangel will stay and compete. If Bowman, Dunn and Gunnar stay Flores will transfer. Gunnar may transfer regardless.

Key is if Bowman and Dunn both were to leave, we will keep Rangel, Gunnar, and Flores all in a healthy competition with M. Smith redshirting.

We gave 3 reps this year so there can be a competition I’m guessing Gundy would be the odd man out but could be wrong

Again no reason why we can’t have 3 deep

Sounds plausible. He might even have a better time of it in the portal than Rangel since there is no Div 1 tape on him

You need to read what I said. Boman has things to share/teach, technique isn’t one of them

quote=“ot1, post:14, topic:19570”]
If Bowman and Dunn both stay,

I’ve no clue if Boman has a legit chance of another year but if he does then he is staying. Dunn is likely staying as well unless we implode the next two games or Gundy comes to his senses and re-hires Yurcich.

My take is Dunn has been slow walked into a corner by Gundy and Wieberg.

Dunn owned the Offensive culture last year and it completely imploded, as well as turning completely uncompetitive.

As a reminder it was the Offense that imploded as well as the WR room going Portal happy. Gundy asked Dunn to focus solely on OC and let WRs go. Dunn declined and kept both roles, which both roles were the biggest crashes last season.

This season Gundy gave Dunn all the rope and USA and ISU wrapped it around his neck.
Then Gundy stepped back in and the Ws rolled in.

Did Gundy play out the rope before UCF, where once again Dunns offensive led the charge on yet another worst in program history L, 3rd in 12 months.

I give Dunn a 60% chance of surviving.

Backfoot has a very good chance of getting the extra year.

I can see your points. This is certainly Dunn’s “hotseat” year and with the turnaround after ISU and the epic win over OU he looked like he was making the case to stay. Then comes UCF. The offense came in with a crippled receiving core, serviceable QB and a B12 player of the year RB. Same elements as the OU game yet this time we stunk. So was the UCF game a case where we didn’t plan or did UCF figure out some things that OU didn’t? I really don’t know that answer to that but I bet the OSU staff does. Also the UCF game had a lot of inordinate things go against us, tipped balls, loosing most of the 50/50 plays etc and again I don’t know how much of that is coaching and how much is just squinky. But in any case depending on how things are viewed I can see Dunn still being on the hot seat. Going forward If we win out and win the B12 CC then Dunn should be good. Short of that perhaps we will see Yurcich in camp next spring LOL.

Hey maybe I’m missing something here with Rangle, I just don’t see the talent. His pocket presence isnt good, his deep balls are just heave it and see if he runs under it. He can run a little , but give me Gunnar over him
I’ve read good things on Flores , never know what is true. No tape on him for the portal, same with Rangle. I do think Bowman needs to go. As you say his mechanics are shot
I don’t know what’s up with a bad bad game when we have looked great for 5 weeks. Maybe
@bruce4 has more insight than I do on Dunn ?
I think after game 3 Gundy has enough and told them their chit does stink and clean it up. It got better. Dunn is a hell of a WR coach, I think that’s where he needs to stay. He’s not a head coach in waiting. Still not high on Dickey, our recruiting isn’t/hasn’t been good plus lots can leave this year. … @robert28 knows more about the OL and out under class than I do.
Last it looks like Gundy is leaving several scholarships open for the portal, we didn’t get but 3-4 players on offense committed unless we have some late commits

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