2024 South Side Reseat Process

Just got the email about the reseating for 2024 on the south side. Wondering if any north sisters have insight about the process and how close to your old seats you were able to get. Thanks! Also really like the people we sit by, so not sure how that works.

That’s the part that sucks - losing the people around you that have become friends.

So you have new surrounding people?

Most likely.

We did which sucked at first but the new group was pretty rowdy last year which clicked well with our group.

Yeah, I am not happy about this. This is likely the second time I will be evicted from my seats by OSU. First time was because the familys and recruits moved to our section. We worked our way over to get an aisle so its pretty frustrating to know we are going to lose that.

I have a group on an aisle also. Will suck if we lose that.

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If your section is one affected, basically you don’t have a guarantee you’ll have your same seats. They let folks with higher posse points get first pick. Mine were in the 1st row in 2022 and all the first row folks were displaced

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I was pissed too…then the seats were awesome so I was pretty happy. We been been bounced around three times as well.


That at least gives me hope.