3-Point Shooting Big Priority for Cowboys in Offseason

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/3-point-shooting-big-priority-for-cowboys-in-offseason/

OSU will need to find some more consistency from deep this summer.

Get a consistent offense will help

  1. Get better at 3s.
  2. Cut down on turnovers
  3. Get a little more help down low.

So grow bigger?

Silly kind of article. Suggesting that these players can just get better shooting 3’s. That would be quite a gamble. Better to get some transfers who have shown they have the natural ability to make 3 point shots. Did not work out with Flavors presumably because he played with an injured finger.

Trey Phipps former Booker T. sharpshooter is in the transfer portal. Go get him!!!

Oklahoma State was 5th in Big 12 during conference games. Average front 3. OU was 9th. Most people would have assumed that was not the case. We need to improve from 3 though cuz we lose Cade who was 40% from 3. Hopefully add a guy. I do think Rondel improves from 3 next year and Boone also.

As for Phipps lol cmon he got cut from OU. Ok shooter but too slow. Nope. Not what we want

You will be able to follow his slow motion and okay shooting at ORU that sweet sixteen program down the road a piece.