4 Seed Question

I don’t watch/follow to closely on basketball, but I did have an outside looking in question.

We were banned from post season play, correct? So the fact that we even got a seat at the table should be a huge deal I would think?

Instead we are mad we got a 4 seed (which I TOTALLY get). I feel nervous that complaining about the seed will call attention to the fact that we weren’t even supposed to be there in the first place.

When did the ruling get overturned? Because we were getting good or before that?


It has not gone through the appeal process.
Ncaa is letting us play because we got the #1 draft pick.
Its all about money.
Why do u think we are set to play Illinois.
We may still win the appeal but will happen later

Man if this was happening to another team we’d be FURIOUS. Imagine if it was football? A team being allowed in post season play even though they have an active ban on them all because they are a “good team”.
Just seems shady!

U dnt know the ncaa do u

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I don’t think I’d be upset at all. Those are the rules and obviously they wouldn’t put us in if there was an active ban, it’s like a court case in appeal. The ruling is in question, so the ban is delayed until the case is concluded. If someone gets mad it’s because they haven’t taken the time to look up the rules or read any reporting on it.

Kansas, LSU, & Arizona all have cases that are pending and much more serious issues than ours. Kansas & LSU are playing. Arizona imposed a self-ban thinking that was going to get them out of trouble.


well that’s a little better!

Until you are “convicted” you play as if there is nothing is different. I had assumed we’ve already been convicted and we are appealing it. In law, if you have already been convicted you serve your sentence even as you wait appeal. Which is what I assumed OSU is supposed to be doing.

I was surprised by people complaining about the seeding as well. We haven’t made the tourny in four years and we have a pending issue that could have prevented us from even making the tournament. I would have thought even making the tournament is a great thing. To me, people complaining about the highest seeding for oSu since 2005 come off as petty and whiny.

I don’t think it’s so much the 4 seed that bothers people, but rather West Virginia getting a three seed after losing to us twice in one week and us having the second most quad 1 wins the country. I’m fine with a four but I do understand why some are upset, not to mention we may be in the toughest region


We’re trying to win a national championship. Seeding matters. Kick rocks if you don’t think people should care about being unfairly seeded.


Win the games and we still get the natty

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Robert is mischaracterizing the situation. We have appealed the sanctions of the NCAA and while that appeal is in place, they don’t apply. If the NCAA had made a ruling on the appeal before the tournament, it would have been the shortest period before a ruling was made. We knew it was almost certain that we would be able to play in this postseason, so once the end of the season went like it did we justifiably expected a top 3 seed because we had one of the hardest stretches in the NCAA and came out 5-2 with every win being against a ranked team. Being tagged as not just a 4 seed, but a LOW four seed has caused some outrage not just from our fanbase but experts whose jobs are predicting brackets and analyzing the tournament.


so while you are appealing the ruling isn’t applied to you yet? That’s different from law of conviction, serve sentence while appealing.

It’s a lot more like punishing a company or organization and an injunction or TRO is granted from what I understand. The punishment is whats under review so while that’s happening it does not get applied.


I told it like it is. They could have already reviewed are appeal. But didn’t. I didn’t say we couldn’t play.
And really this has been gone over 1000 times.
Only thing new would be the out come.
Which I think will be less then what they offered the first time.

Well yeah, that’s true of any seed. The point is the team did enough to warrant most experts having us at a 2 or 3 seed. Instead, we got a 4 seed and we’re rewarded with potentially facing a 1 seed in the sweet 16 and it’s the hottest team in the country. That’s something to not be thrilled about.

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I think we’re the hottest team in the country , fuckem lol we got this

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I hope you’re right.