4 star defensive recruits

Has anyone noticed that we quietly have Four 4 star defensive recruits for 2021? It hasn’t updated in 274sports’s assessments but according to each player profile:
DT Aden Kelly 92 4-stars
LB Nick Martin 90 4-stars
LB Collin Oliver 90 4-stars
S Ty Williams 90 4-stars

Have we ever had more than 5 four star recruits in one cycle (besides this year, Bryson Green)? Also, have we ever brought in this many high profile defenders in one cycle?


Pretty sure I just read around here that Gundy can’t recruit. Your post has to be fake news.

Seriously though, If OSU holds OU under 30 tomorrow, and recruiting like this continues I’m ready to donate toward a Knowles statue.


It’s been a long time, but it seems like the last time we had five four star recruits was the year JW Walsh signed. It’s hard to compare apples to apples though because the recruiting services are a little different now. If we can hang on to these guys, I definitely think it’s the most since 247 began doing their composite rankings.

D can definitely hold OU under 30 but problem is OSU offense won’t score more than 30

nick martin and ty williams are high 3 star recruits not 4s according to 247. If you are using ESPN rankings then that was your first mistake

He’s using 247, you’re using the 247 composite. They’re both 247 4 stars.

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