6-foot-6 Tight End Isaiah Butler-Tanner Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: 6-foot-6 Tight End Isaiah Butler-Tanner Commits to Oklahoma State

A second tight end for the Cowboys’ 2025 class.

6-6 and a physical blocker is nice. His 40 time is 4.8 which hopefully he can shave a bit of it off. Good pickup

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Not super confident when kids commit during an official visit (or right after). I do like the momentum it gives us initially.


He might be a TE prospect, but he might grow into an offensive tackle…6’6” 255 at 17 years old.


Well we got a lot of lineman this year. Remember we got that lineman that went on mission too.
This kid has already got the size weight of a te. Few more pounds maybe. If athletic he would be a good one.

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He still has a visit to ku. I actually like the commitment during a visit. Usaul means he was already there. He had a good list of teams. We need to start get other commitments. Rb any defense. Line and wr is full.

We were dropped from the four star lb from new mexico.
Got to get more offers out. I think safeties are the only good offers we have out.

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Wonder if Daniele’s will see most of his time at
LB ? Maybe drop back in 5 deep ? He got lost a lot last year. Who’s backing Martin and the other backer up ?

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“Butler-Tanner also had offers to Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston and others.”

2023- Tech 7-6

2023- Baylor 3-9

2023- Houston 4-8

So now, the teams you’ve consistently bashed as bad are all of a sudden a “good list of teams”? Are you ever gonna make your mind up? Or is that subject to change based on who commits to us and who doesn’t?

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What’s your point moron ? Just another puzzling rant from a deranged person. I’m glad we have some real fans instead of you and jug

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They are power 5. He had other. What about you defending this you think each of these coaches are better then gundy

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I’m just saying. Be consistent, and don’t change your mind based purely on the fact if you’re an OSU fan. The biased is extremely easy to point out. I can be an OSU fan and still not be delusional.

Power 5 or not it still hasn’t stopped you from bashing those other programs and also calling them “good” at the same time. Make a decision and be consistent about it.

Also, what do your claims have to do with Gundy’s comparisons to other coaches and programs? If we’re recruiting the same guy they’re all of a sudden a “good list of teams”?

Do you know what your saying. Your the double talker

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I’m not the one bashing former OSU players that were actually DRAFTED, and then in the same breath praising ones on the team that didn’t.

I praise good guys. What are you talking about. I do think you read what you want to. You get a hard on about a guy or coach because they have a good game or year. Tgen act like you dnt know them.

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And you don’t? You have a hard on for a guy that has just as many conference titles as the same guys you bash, and he’s been coaching longer.

You real are showing it. Gundy is my coach. My hard on. My pants. You go to other pants to get your hard on.

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That’s fine. All I’m saying is you never apply the same standards.

I try not to hype. I called baylor and tcu going south. I said ksu dropping a notch last 2 years.

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I bet you didn’t call Baylor winning the 2021 CCG, or TCU playing for a national title.