A Hilarious Short Story About OSU Punter Tom Hutton and a Pigeon

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The Aussie punter deserves a clap.

It’s kind of ironic that Kyle headlines his post with “a hilarious” yet he, as do so many other journalists these days violates the simple rule for choosing “a” or “an” when he hopes for “an historic event”. It’s simple, if the word is a consonant sound like hilarious or historic it is preceded by “a”, it seems to have become popular in recent years to use “an” instead of a before historic. Why’s that?
I apologize for all the heat that I will get for this reply, I guess I can blame it on a bad case of insomnia. It was a pretty hilarious story.

Of all the nonsense that gets directed at Boone on this forum, he’ll probably accept your critique.

Thank you