A Name ... and Our 10 Commenting Commandments

Been working on this for a bit, but we posted our first stab at 10 commenting commandments for this place as well as an official name: The Chamber (if we could figure out how to make a t-shirt that didn’t piss off the world, we would make a t-shirt).

Thanks to @eddy, @kyleboone @KyleCox and @marshall for their help on the commenting commandments as well as @DrCCowboy for originally coming up with the name.

Eventually our plan is to move all comments from the website into this place to engender even more camaraderie and banter. We’re still working on making that a smooth transition.

I have to say the forum experience has been awesome so far, and I genuinely look forward to the in-game threads. Thank you guys for making it great, and cheers to a great weekend!