A Power Four Structure Seems Likely With Big 12 Left Out of Alliance Talks

U need to slow down ku has 300,000 people per game.
Osu has the same eyeballs as ku ,isu and ksu combined.
There not picking ku because of that. Their basketball is the only sport.
He is something to think about. The last two times we wrestled iowa they had more then 13,000. We wrestled in their football stadium so to get as many people as they could. We still drew more in stillwater. Rutgers lil ole Rutgers had 10000 to watch us. If we were in the big ten wrestling would be a revenue sport. If we were in the pac 12 baseball would generate money specially have the best diamond in the country. Pac 12 calls themselves the league of champions, well they had better have us. We would add to any of these conferences even the big 10.

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Robert, I have to say you nailed that explanation. I would also add that the Golf team gets a shout out almost weekly during the summer because of number of OSU golfers on the PGA tour. It’s not bringing the revenue, but it’s bringing respect for our program and that’s helps build the brand and value.

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I want some evidence on tv numbers.
After looking a little tv numbers are really wild. It does not pay to be on espn. U want ur games to on the networks.
So I thought, hey we played osu a couple years ago let’s see those numbers. It was on fs1 at the last spot. Not the best channels and worse time. But .5 rating and 800000. Really not bad. Since osu only averaged 300000 last year.
This is one game but a direct sign we bring something to the table for the pac12. Osu is the worst tv in the pac12. R numbers last year would have put us in 2nd barely behind usc.
If we keep the ou game ( I know) that as many as 5.5 million. Which would blow everything thing the pac 12 has.
Another thing if the pac12 adds us with the 3 Texas school we bring in 5 million compared to 12million they have. The Big thing is also get games into the better time slots.

“Its not bringing the revenue”…Thats all that matters. Go find me one conf realignment move that has been made that had anything at all to do with anything other than revenue. Just one. Ill wait.

In 2019, OSU averaged 5,000 fans per home dual. Seven duals brought in…36k fans. You really, really think that will effect any of these COnf realignments? NO. The SEC football contract with ESPN is over $300 million dollars…and you think someone is going to jump at picking up a record attendance of 36k a year!!! You guys have to realize what is driving this stuff…and its ONLY football. No one making these decisions cares about wrestling or golf. If basketball revenue doesnt matter, then what the hell makes you think a secondary sport like wrestling and golf will???

We were just say wrestling would bring twice those numbers in the big 10. Ur a genius do the math 20 dollars by 10000.
Ur rite it would not make much for the TV deal but it would help cover cost.
Bit they would have alot of osu non revenue sports on tv. Just like last year.

“Their basketball is the only sport”…….KU basketball is the only NON-FOOTBALL entity left in the Conf that makes money. That’s what I said.

“The PAC 12 league of champions” You tell me what Conf of the Power 5, IN YOUR OPINION, is the least powerful? The least influential? It’s the PAC 12. Why? Because of their football. You can have all the swimming, golf, volleyball, rowing, academic titles you want…….but that matters none in realignment.

The top 8 average attendance last year in the Big 10.

Iowa: 12k
Penn St: 8k
Rutgers: 5
Ohio St: 4
Minnesota: 3
Nebraska: 2
Wisconsin: 2
Michigan: 2
Indiana: 1

THATS 39k a year!! Times that by 7 duals a piece is 275k a year. Dude that’s not changing anything. That is not moving the needle in any way,

First off u see everything one way. That is fine. These other sports r televised.

U conception of realignment is wrong. The big ten knew Rutgers and Maryland were not going to bring in rating themselves. They thought it would open up the northeast. Which new York city doesn’t care about college football less its a bet
I main a good point about us play Oregon state. We more then doubled their tv ratings. And almost got the conference average. That’s a point we will sell to the pac 12.

Last time we visited Minnesota 2 years ago we double their attendance. Thats non con. If we rolled in to Iowa or psu dual for the title what is there attendance going to do go down

Ok, look at it this way. If you are making 100million with 10 members, each school gets 10 million. If you add 2 more schools, but neither schools add more $$ to your bottom line……then you as a business don’t do it. OSU and another school aren’t going to increase anything revenue wise. Wrestling? Golf? Oklahoma TV market? Basketball? Football, yes. OSU as a program is a very good football program at the time. Best it’s ever been. But it’s not adding money to any of these schools pockets, so it doesn’t make it worth adding them. That’s all I’m saying. It’s simple math. $10 mil a piece with 10 schools goes to $11 a piece with 12………it’s not worth it.

No. I’ll take your word for it and say it’ll go up. But it’s not going up enough to get a TV contract abd make $$

Dude stop I know football is at the center of it all. But unlike the sec the other do care about their non revenue sports.
We were 19th last season in tv numbers and mainly on espn 2 or plus and fs1
The real numbers only come if ur on fox ABC CBS.
I was running tv numbers. R tulsa game scored higher then a noter dame game that week.

My point wish u choose to ignore because u think ur a genius.
If any body goes.
Are u chasing ku with 1 good sport. And 300000 tv
Or osu who is 19th in tv and actual good in all their sports.

U real should be more concern what this new voting alliance is going to do with an 8 and 5 ou. There going to limit how many teams each conf. Can get in to the playoffs. It will be closer to 2 then 5.

Unfortunately, everything we love about OSU and think makes it valuable is irrelevant to the people deciding if we’re worth adding to their conference. We’re better and more valuable than well over half of the programs currently in the Big 10 or Pac 12, but they already have their seat at the table. If they go to four 16 team conferences, we’ll be in one for sure. I just don’t think that’s the end goal of ESPN and the SEC. I think the end goal is whittle it down to less teams. The Purdues, Oregon States, and Wake Forests of college football should be worried. They’ll be the next victims in this unending quest for more money and they don’t bring much to the table. College Football will be just like the NFL within 10 -15 years, with 30 teams playing strictly against each other and the rest of us relegated to basically being the XFL.

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Yes I agree in ten years the big dogs will leave their conference.

It’s all about get ur game on the network channels. Ou on fs1 playing ku got 300000. With the the metro pop of the 2 schools over 3 million.

“The others do care about the non-revenue sports”…Everybody cares about them on some level. But for realignment…do you think people do? OSU’s highest attendance a year was 36k fans. $10 a pop gets you to $360,000 brought in. You factor in the expenditures and that gives you why no one is going to care about the wrestling program. Its just fact. For you to say otherwise is dumb. Thats not belittling the program or its success. Its not saying Wrestling sucks. ITs just simply saying that no one is going to give two dumps about that when realignment comes in

So we would have that same attendance play schools like psu and Iowa. When we r wrestling south Dakota state and air force. I’ve said it will not help the tv deal but mite help sway, specially since a school like ku has no wrestling team.
I have no problem talking about r wrestling team I’m just surprised u want to.
I pointed out things that would help the revenue but bypass them.
I am sorry u guys won’t get into the playoffs now the alliance is going.

Football drives the bus here. Yes our wrestling program historically is the best in the country but there is no TV contact money to go with it. Even basketball has its limitations because every school that is eligible for the NCAA tournament gets a piece of the revenue. That’s approximately 336 schools at the table. It’s not all doom and gloom. Just because the new alliance doesn’t see the remaining B12 as viable as a group doesn’t mean one conference won’t be interested in a team or two……
Baylor’s outlook looks grim because of its religious affiliation and the tape scandal.
Kansas BB is a brand someone will want. Heck the B10 added Rutgers for what reason. ?
Kansas St, Tech, TCU, Iowa St I’m not sure.
I think OSU has the most viability of the remaining schools.