A Power Four Structure Seems Likely With Big 12 Left Out of Alliance Talks

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Not good news for OSU or the remaining Big 12 teams.

I’m still waiting to see what the alliance is.
I know for sure it is a voting alliance. But all three play each other more then one game no.
It still does not mean pac12 could at least go up by 2 teams

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So if this happens, what options are left for the Big12?
Take OU, Texas, ESPN to court in order to get money?
Expand the Big 12?
Scheduling alliance with (God I hate this) the SEC?
Ugh, this is getting worse by the day.

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Gee this such a WILD…Idea… I just have to share!! Get the 4 remaining conferences not to schedule or play any SEC teams.!!!.. Let them play among themselves and the other schools not recognized as a strength to their schedule. Let them beat each other up and play an all-SEC schedule. We could schedule plenty of schools to fill Boone Pickens and never again go to Norman or miss them!! Huh…

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All I want is for Oklahoma State to join the Big Ten… something I never thought I would say/think but given the state of things it would be amazing for our athletics. Know it’s unlikely but if anyone would like to indulge the argument I’m all ears.

If an alliance does come to a fruition you can bet your bottom dollar OSU would be part of it and others from the big 12.

Why do you think that? Everything in that article and everything we’ve heard since this happened points to us being downgraded to the minors. I’d start preparing myself for the worst.

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It’s wishful thinking. Gundy will make sure to get us into the AAC before anything else happens.

I will bet my bottom dollar we end up in the AAC.

Based on what I’ve read, the other 8 schools want to stick together. I believe this will guarantee us getting downgraded. Even if we add 4 other schools, they won’t be P5 schools. And, as much as I hate to say it, without OU & UT flying the B12 banner, I don’t think we get the eyeballs (and therefore the TV money) to remain in the P5. :face_vomiting: Sorry - it really hurt to type that…

I’m really hoping these talks start with divvying up the remaining 8 schools and then form a scheduling alliance.


I feel this is exactly the route OSU will be on for it’s future athletics.

Oklahoma State has been a very good program in football the past 15 yrs just as Gundy has stated. OSU’s brand is strong with the success of Baseball, Softball and golf. I just it find hard to believe that if alliance with PAC12, Big 10 and ACC is really being discussed that OSU wouldn’t find its way into one of those conferences. The Big 12 is dead and it’s every man for themselves. I’ve been impressed with the conviction Dr. Shrum that she’ll put OSU in the best possible outcome. She hasn’t backed down for one minute. OSU moving into a conference like AAC is highly doubtful in my opinion. Take baseball for an example OSU would immediately make all 3 of those Conferences better. Softball would and Golf would do the same. OSU Football would improve the PAC 12, ACC and the Big10. Imagine adding OSU Wrestling to the alliance conferences. Moving forward it’s all about the money and what value your programs bring. Oklahoma State brings a lot of value.

Wrestling? Golf? Baseball? Those aren’t moving the needle in any way with this Conf realignment stuff. Take football programs away from the remaining 8 teams in this Conf. The only money maker you have left is KU basketball. No one, I repeat NO ONE is even mentioning that at this point. Why? Because it doesn’t help garner enough revenue to a Conf. In order for a Power 5 to wanna add one of these remaining 8 teams, they have to increase the brand/product enough to warrant doing it. None of these programs do that. Kansas is a blue blood hoops program that actually makes some profit. Baylor just won the National Title in March……& neither of them are even a concern at this point. If you think anyone in the country is looking at OSU’s golf and wrestling success, you’re sadly mistaken. Obrate is as good as it gets…….but no one outside of Stillwater cares as it pertains to realignment

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Osu football is in some serious trouble as well as all college sports. Money trumps all and osu’s brand is not as good as you think as you can see that nobody has talked about us differently than tech Kansas state ext. AAC seems to be the option here so far and if this comes true then you can bet playoff hopes for us will be pie in the sky. Sad it’s come to this but maybe we can pull off a miracle and get in with pac-12. I blame Holder for making us a golf school.

I guess will agree to disagree. OSU Brand includes the whole package not just football. I agree football drives the dollars, but the success of our (don’t move the needle programs) and will play a role in final destinations. Just my opinion.

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Bro don’t believe everything you read and hear. Nobody knows whats going on behind closed doors. It’s just my opinion, but I believe OSU will land in a good spot. Holder and Boone are ones that put OSU in a position to compete at high level. Without those 2 guys our options would have been limited to the WAC or the AAC.

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You agree that Kansas basketball is the best entity of the remaining schools, right? The most visible. Most revenue. Would be the largest draw as far as TV goes. Yet they’ve not gotten any landing spot. Why? Because their football is atrocious. The facilities and program are terrible. Tell me how many times you get to watch the OSU golf team live? Or on a National broadcast? How bout wrestling? The most visible thing the wrestling program has done was when AJ Ferrari flexed on the OU dugout. That’s not knocking any of those athletes or programs, but they aren’t drawing viewers/ads/revenue.

I agree don’t believe what you hear that’s where the miracle comes in play

It’s all about football and how many people what he it and that’s it.

Let say that aging because I messed that up. It’s all about football and that’s all that matters. Money money money. Greed is where we are at. Folo is it. Fear of loosing out. Osu must not bring enough to the table obviously because we would be set right now but we are not. Gundy can say we have been top 10 winning Percentage the last 10 years but that is pudding to money. Osu is in trouble.

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