A Reckoning in College Football Mike Gundy Was Way Ahead of

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On the landscape of CFB recruiting, and why change is necessary.

C’mon man…have yet to see a PFB-generated story on the Cowgirl golf team.

You heard it here first: they’re going to bring home the first women’s national championship!


They just beat Auburn. Their into the semis with Duke.

There has always been tranfers. Some schools like bill’s ksu went to the juco. So less juco will be taken.
But yes if teams goes up to ten its bad.
With the 85 limit u have to lose about 4 guys a year. But when u lose 10 in a class it’ll hurt worse.

What if they changed the rule to say the max a signing class can have is 25 high school signings and up to 5 juco/transfers.

Why not just get rid of the 25 scholarship per class rule and allow schools to give out as many scholarships as possible as long as they do not exceed the total scholarship limit of 85?

Beat Duke!! Title match against Ole Miss. Kudos to the players and staff.


That might be the way to do it. Just can’t allow teams to go back to the Switzer days of recruiting.


My main concern is teams who lose so many that they can keep 85. That should be a dressed