A Thriving Mike Gundy is the Best Oklahoma State Could Hope For

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We are still in the golden age of OSU football.

So Mike Holder says this situation “really resulted in nothing but positives for our players, our coaches, Coach Gundy”. As an alum living in Texas I can promise you that is not true. I’m as mad as can be at Coach Gundy for doing something that resulted in so much bad press for OSU. I’m happy that Coach Gundy is “humble, remorseful and committed to change” but it will take more than that for the black eye that OSU has received to heal. That being said, I look forward to this not being a headline story any more. Gundy has taken his licks so now we need to let him get on with making the changes that he has committed to make.

As long as the PFGuys are happy, this is all we really need to be concerned about.


And again! Good thing we weren’t dependent on y’all during WWII.

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What was the “something” that Gundy did?

Would be interesting to hear from his assistants – those coaches who spend the most time on the recruiting trail and who have a tougher job now because of Gundy’s arrogance and narcissism.

Geez. Can you say anything on these threads without getting flagged anymore? Seriously folks, some of this is really weak.


Am I understanding this all correctly ? Chuba spoke out because Gundy wore a republican T-shirt. Right ? Then he was bitc*** about his politics I don’t think it was ever about Gundy being aloof. Does Chuba really understand who BLM are. They aren’t who he suspects I don’t think. Dig into it , they aren’t who you would think So if Chuba was dissatisfied with Gundy being so distant from the players it shouldn’t have been about a shirt. He and others should have gone straight to him with their problems and we wouldn’t have had such a needless sore. I hope everything is fine now and we kick a** this year.
… Go Pokes !!! :cowboy_hat_face: