A U.S. Senator is Out Here Weighing in on Mike Gundy's Coronavirus Takes

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And … we’re back.

Oh great.

Whining with liberal politicians and journalists over the popular coach of the team you run the fan website for (an ag school in the most conservative state in the union)?

Talk about “getting out of your world.” Maybe next week you can let us know what PETA thinks about Bullet.

Spot on article. I have no idea how anyone can consider this topic as liberal or conservative. It’s about grasping reality.


Porter back at it again

This site was awesome a few years ago and here we are now with the politicization of everything. Luckily they have recruiting and wrestling two things that opinions don’t really matter, even though the recruiting articles are really just taking tweets from reputable journalists and creating articles.

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I will never complain about the wrestling coverage. Has been spot on ever since Seth joined the team.

Kyle, I never expected much depth of thought from Gundy. You, from years ago and a relatively young age, displayed great promise. However, to me, Gundy and his reliance on convenient to his insecurities conspiracy theory publications (confirmation bias) and your reliance on your infallible biblical text (to fulfill whatever needs) would make you about equal in my eyes. You apply humanist expectations on others but shelter within some ancient philosophical text for yourself. I think you know your guide-book is philosophy and not literal fact. Come out of the closet. You have so much to offer absent the BS.

Imagine being this upset about what a guy thinks about what a football coach talks about.

Sometimes I think of the writers here as Leslie Knope and the commenters as the citizens of Pawnee, IN.


While I am an alumnus of this “ag school” you speak of, most of our graduates are not from the College of Ag…


Fixed it for you.

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I really don’t get the #hottakes coming from this. Other than a bunch of people locked up with nothing else better to do, why does this matter so much to you? Bad optics from a bunch of people over thinking this? Gundy did not proclaim to be working on anything other than a plan. He never said he was the final authority on said plan either. He said “words” that you don’t agree with? You run a sports blog, you have nothing else to do, you are afraid/anxious/drunk/whatever. Ok.

I work in an industry. Those deemed critical, still go to work everyday. I’m not talking about working from home. I imagine that most people have this deluded concept of reality and think that you can just continue this way of life and sit in your home for however long it takes. Gundy was being real. We do not need to go back to work, we will have to. Comparing football to a critical job is a joke, yes, but he is incredibly intelligent to be forward thinking enough to position his operation to minimize negative affects to it. I for one, am glad that he gives zero hoots about your opinion. Of course, those who are outraged now will be those complaining their “intelligent” rears off when the 2020 football season is played and the team’s results do not live up to your expectations.

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I’m having a hard time understanding why we are worried about a yankee senator from a state the size of Osage county…sure not everything Gundy said was “ correct “ but I agree with most. The only backlash in the media I saw were Twitter hacks wanting a click
Jemele Hill Bomone Jones ?!?! Wasn’t Hill fired for racial comments for all places ESPN


…Maybe “Q” has a plan in place for the senator……….

I think Gundy was careless with his comments but people have been equally careless with their reactions.

Should leadership be preparing for the post quarantine world? Absolutely.
Will Covid-19 still be around, yes.
Is it understandable to want to get back to a world you know and makes sense. Yes.
Understanding who Gundy has been its inconsistent to assume he doesn’t care about his players.

When we see things we don’t need to be reactionary as a culture assuming intent based on one soundbite. Call him out for stupid phrasing like “Chinese Virus.” Or not being aware of the social response to Covid-19.

So yes he was careless with his statement, but it’s foolish to think he is careless about his players, with out more information.

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Gundy shouldn’t be criticized because OSU is an Ag school in a conservative state, and because he’s popular? Yikes

4chan trolls don’t have plans as a rule.

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I criticize Gundy as much as anyone, but the criticism has to be fair. There is a reason the only people who give a crap about what he said are liberal politicians and journalists taking pot shots. PFB chose to side with those people over Gundy and the bulk of the OSU fanbase.

This site has to walk a delicate balance between being independent while still staying within the bounds of what OSU fans will tolerate and pay for. They screwed that up this time.

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I am in agreement with those here that people should find something better to do than rant about their version of the meaning to HCMG’s words trying to somehow imply how bad a person he really is. We all know better than that. What I saw in HCMG words was a coach who has been thinking through what might be required to get his team back on the field of play, perhaps he talked about it in too much detail but I don’t see that being a major crime that some are making it out to be. As for the most insidious of his comments “because we need to run money through the state”, well he is probably right as there is a lot of money pulled into Stillwater and other places e.g. Norman that will cost jobs and bring on many hardships if it isn’t realized. And guess what HCMG had nothing to do with creating that situation. He is just stating the facts nothing more.


It is fair to criticize several of the things Gundy said.

It takes a quick google search to see that Oklahoma cases won’t likely peak until mid/late April, with the peak in deaths likely coming in May. Cases then decrease through May, IF shutdowns continue through that month.

Do I think Gundy had bad intentions? No.

I do think where he chooses to get his news from (far-right “news” station) is problematic, if he’s going to be talking about it publicly.

If he had some better information, I think his comments would have reflected that and not been so tone-deaf.

I don’t pay for my subscription because PFB stays “within the bounds” of what you think OSU fans will tolerate. And in general, I try to avoid media orgs that won’t say something because it might upset the audience (like OAN)