A Way Too Early 2021 OSU Offensive Depth Chart Prediction

What am I wrong about? If you are referring to Gundy not playing Presley I can assure you I wasn’t wrong. He had 1 play for 7 yards the entire season before the bowl game. One play during the entire season doesn’t do justice to see how good a player can be.

I think if Illingworth could just get half the mobility that Sanders has then he’s head and shoulders further ahead than Sanders. My problem with Sanders is he has the talent and the tools. I’m just wondering when he’s going to start using the knowledge a QB needs to be successful. He’s been here for three years now and still plays like he’s a high school QB.

I still say it’s not a quarterback problem, it’s a coaching problem.

There’s been a problem every year but one. Common denominator = Gundy

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I could see that I guess. A coach that doesn’t pertain to the player’s abilities, but forces them to run an offense they aren’t built for with their specific skill sets. Wonder why we don’t throw the ball over the middle anymore? Oh yeah!!! We don’t want to injure anyone in a contact sport.

Maybe he was a decoy

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Not sure why u talking to me. Qb is an up hill battle between those. I’m not sure Sanders is as talented as some think. And not sure where shane will get is mobility. They both need fairy dust.

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Fun u been there too. Yea I see it its u bad fan bad karma

“Way too early depth charts” are generally way too early. There needs to be an open competition at QB. And I am worried that we have only an abundance of receivers, rather than an abundance of riches at receiver.

Half of them have caught pass for osu. Main thing is delivering the pass.

Hopefully we can get to the Texas bowl next season and come out winners for some confidence for the following season in which could turn out to be a very promising year where we could maybe contend for…maybe the Alamo bowl or something.

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Can’t wait to see what the future holds​:tada::confetti_ball::tada:

Do u guys ever get tired of writing the same blah blah every day. Hope I dnt have to read this stuff till September

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Constant negativity is really old. Move on to the goons Joe… you have heard Presley and Anderson have had injuries though the year. So none of our players are worth a da## ? You still want highlight reel recruits that takes money to go after. Most athletic dept are. probably broke other than Texas and uo doesn’t have the money they say


I don’t recall Presley being hurt most of the year?

I didn’t say most of the year, if I did wasn’t the intent I know he was injured some and sure learning the offense

“We seen” ? Were you a grammar major at ou? Lighten up Francis…

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Yep, Joe listens to nobody about spews out the same old crap over and over. To discuss OSU Football or Gundy with Joe is like trying to have a constructive conversation with a political extremist (pick either side). Nothing productive will come of it because there is no desire to see an opposing view.


That tends to happen when you start letting less talented receivers play because they are committed to Cowboy Culture, and not letting the other recruits play strictly based on their skill set. Otherwise, Presley gets more than 1 play for 7 yards before the bowl game and Gundy stops sending our highest graded recruits at the WR position to the transfer portal.

Yet we’ll continue to play Spencer Sanders in the K State game when he’s not that good, and essentially only has one arm during the game because it’s hanging by a thread.

How long should it take him to learn our basic offense of 3-5 plays? Surely it doesn’t take an entire season. If that’s the case then we should be looking for a new Head Coach or Offensive Coordinator. Gundy keeps admitting he’s getting outcoached, and yet at the same time refuses to try anything differently on offense.

So which one is it going to be? Is he going to play the players needed to win and change some of offensive philosophy? Or is he just going to continue to tell the entire state they got outcoached and not change anything?

It’s amazing to me how some of you people out there don’t pay any attention at all to Gundy’s own words. He is essentially telling you things that should lead to him either leaving or being fired. Yet, you guys want to continue to give this dude contract extensions and pay raises lmao. It’s like Bob and Bob on Office Space continuing to give Peter Gibbons everything he wants when he’s not even at work half the time.