A Way Too Early 2021 OSU Offensive Depth Chart Prediction

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Sanders or Illingworth?

I’m sure there will be a run off with the qbs. So if shane be come more mobile. Sander learns the off and reads. It’ll be a close one.
So is ld brown gone?


Ahhh there goes Marshall again, framing people he disagrees with as being a “vocal minority” without any evidence to back it up. Sanders is not a championship caliber QB. If Illingworth is not good enough to beat him out, we are going to see another 3rd place finish.

Didnt even have gunner on there. We will at least be pretty much set in all the other spots

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Yeah Ethan Bullock won’t be the 3rd string. He looks like somebody’s dad trying to play QB. And I’m sure there will be a QB competition. Playing good in one game after you’ve been sucking for the last two doesn’t immediately clear you of all wrong doing.


“Kasey Dunn has an embarrassment of riches of highly regarded prospects.”

Except it was pretty much only Tylan Wallace and Dillon Stoner we seen make 90 percent of the plays. Plus we didn’t get to see really how good Brennan Presley was because his head coach refused to play him.

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You forgot who the head coach is too. So more than likely we’ll probably see a 5th place finish or lower.


“but Sanders looked as good as he has in his career against Miami. So, I think he has locked down that spot.”

Trevor Knight lit Alabama up in the 2014 Sugar Bowl and ended up being an interception machine the very next season. One good game the entire season doesn’t define just how good a QB will be the next season.


Joe wont have that problem next yr. Those will be in the nfl

What happened to dee Anderson

Good ur back in ur elements. Crying about Gundy and giving useless info.

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Am I wrong? Did we really have to wait until the bowl game to showcase Presley’s talents? Especially in the games where we barely had Tylan Wallace or not have him at all?

Sanders! Now if only Gumby anem would wake up and open up the playbook and start attacking the middle of the field and not be so dang predictable w/ the run plays we might have a heck of an offense again.

I can’t see Etienne not starting, what the heck?!

U known ur wrong but want to be rite. I only agree with when ur sarcastic.

Presley should be in the slot IMO, he’ll get more opportunities to make plays in space but I bet your boy Mike Gumby doesn’t see that.

So r u for Sanders or not

That dude’s not very good, how is it we were the only D-1 program to offer him??? :sob: :sob: :sob:

He just said he wouldn’t make 3rd team. He means he will lower

Gunnar needs to go ahead and go to TU!

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