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I am not sure why the narrative is that the young starters were the problem, when the main issue on the Oline is depth. The starters were only together for one drive. That drive was 76 yards and resulted in 3 points. That is 27.4% of the total OSU yards on one drive. Birmingham was in for that drive, the one play where Spencer fumbled and then one play of the third drive before getting injured. So really, just one drive. After that, we started shuffling in backups. Then Anthony was injured before halftime. Only when the Tulsa D got tired, did the revamped line get any traction. Ongoing, it could be rough and it is unfortunate that we didn’t really get to see what the starters could do. Birmingham never got beat and he is getting heat for his play? Sad.

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Well, yeah. Because some of the “starters” wouldn’t even be starters if Bray and Farrell hadn’t been shown the door. I’m not going to get down on a kid because he doesn’t have a lot of experience at this level. Right now, we have what we have and Dickey is just going to have to get them ready to play. In that respect, it sure would be nice if we had an extra week before the WV game.


Is there a timeline for Birmingham and Anthony?

Farrel was not going to play. Bray was going to play RT. Each lineman needs to be judged by their play - not the entire line or their “side”. Most of you don’t know what a lineman is supposed to do anyway. It can look like a missed block and it was actually someone else’s man.

I could give you three guesses which lineman graded out tops in BOTH scrimmages and few here would get it right.


Yes but I will let it come out as it should.


Moving Tevin over to RT helped a lot, in my opinion.


Agreed and Jake did a great job at LT when that happened.


It is also worth mentioning that, believe it or not, this is the best NT we will face all year.

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I wasn’t suggesting that Farrell was going to play, just that it was a hit to the depth on the OL. And yes, it was my understanding that Bray was going to start.

Can’t speak to who graded out in the scrimmages because I wasn’t there and haven’t heard.

That said, let us all bow to your superior OL knowledge.:roll_eyes:


You probably should.

Think I’ll pass.

When I saw the name of a new thread titled “About the Oline”, I thought great, somebody’s going to give us a their breakdown and maybe start a good conversation on where we stand with our OL. Instead, you chose to make it all about you and telling everyone else how stupid they are.

Shared knowledge is a wonderful thing. It’s even more greatly appreciated when it’s done without being a condescending jackass. A skill you apparently haven’t mastered.


Jenkins, Sills, Birmingham

Correct. #67

Our ends need to pick up blitzes better.

I do please tell us more

This does not indicate simply a hit to the depth chart. This indicates that the “starters” were not worthy, which is not true. I am just trying to make sure misinformation does not become misperceived reality, which is happening a lot lately. Apologies if what I said Is taken as a slight to people’s football knowledge. I could have worded it differently. I just mean it is often hard to tell who a lineman was supposed to block unless you know the play.

The media got a few things wrong and I wanted to set it straight before it becomes misperceived reality. I think they write whatever fits the narrative and their facts are often wrong.


That’s fair and I appreciate your clarification. I shouldn’t have responded as harshly as I did. I also did not mean it as a slight to the guys that started the game, or to any of the ones that replaced them during the game.

As for myself, guilty as charged. I certainly don’t know who the linemen are supposed to block on a lot of the plays and get hung up watching the ball too much. I do enjoy watching the line play on the replays and appreciate input from anyone with knowledge.

As to the depth, I assume we aren’t going to know much this week about the injuries that occurred during the game. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Cade Bennett. Do you think there’s a chance he could see some playing time as a true Freshman depending on the injury situation?

#90 on Tulsa - Nose Tackle.

Speaking of him, they lined him up differently than they normally do opposite the guards instead of center that threw some things off temporarily. Also the new QBs did not always make the right read. There are plays where they should have passed and they handed off only to have the RB be immediately tackled by the guy the Oline was correctly supposed to let go. There are really a lot of things that affect every other little thing that most of us don’t recognize. It is just “worked” or “did not work” - as it should be for the casual fan.

Anthony was a liability last year and got beat several times before his injury on Saturday. I hope the new LT can hold his own Jenkins at RT will make a ton of difference.