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Hey I’m having issues with apple IOS devices logging on to the forum. iMac and MacBook work fine, it’s just iPhone and iPad mini giving me fits. Used to log on, now when I log on on those 2 devices it takes me back to the home page of PFB, shows logged in there but, when witched to the Forum it asks me to log on. I do, takes me back to PFB home page again. No joy, no matter how many times I do it. Both iPhone and iPad running the latest software. I’m a PFB+ member. Help?! Thanks.

@kyleporterCBS, the governors that are in place on the forum: Is there a way to disable some?

For instance, I tried to reply to somebody with “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!” and it wouldn’t let me because “Body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence?”

Clearly, I needed the all caps. :slight_smile:
Are these settings regulated by you and any chance to review some of them? I know a few of us have been pretty annoyed with some of them. Mainly the ones preventing gibberish. Gibberish is hilarious and poignant a times. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into this.


Not sure about gibberish, but it appears to be as well jajddeohakndwehfjskafds


I tried to reply to this with just ‘!!!’ to test, and it wouldn’t let me. Saying ‘Body is unclear, is it a complete sentence?’

But hey, the all caps thing is great, BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU JUST WANT TO SHOUT!

Thanks for your help in looking into it!