Ads on the site

I am signed into my PFB+ account but running across ads in the main site. Posting publicly in case others are as well.

I do too at times. Some days no , others yes. And when I hit the comment bar it opens a new page in chrome

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Hi, sorry for this inconvenience. Let me look into this for you.

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@michael13 - Friendly neighborhood IT guy here. I have fixed the comment bar opening in a new tab.
For ads, I am looking into what could be causing the sporadic displays. Thanks for hanging in there and letting us know. Please, feel free to tag me with any updates.

@JimD - I am also working on account issues that have popped when updates happened. Could you email me directly at datashopok@gmail[dot]com so I can get your problems addressed?


Thanks a bunch @MiggityMac !!

Does everyone’s comment section open a new tab when you want to comment ? And some posts there are no comment section ,? @marshall

We had an update this week that made things a little funky. @MiggityMac should be able to tell you more

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Thanks for bringing this up, @michael13 - I’ll give it a look over. I’m seeing this odd behavior as well. Lots of updates happening lately (thanks Elon Musk)…If you seen anything else odd, hit me up here.

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I don’t know if you tweaked it a little or what but it’s working better now , a little different format @MiggityMac so thank you !!

I’m a subscriber and constantly have ads pop up on the site. There are like 30 places to click to subscribe but no “log in” buttons like there used to be on the PFB+ drop down. Even when I get the ads I click on the chamber and verify I’m logged in. How do I fix this? Only happens on mobile, desktop is pretty solid.

Hey @MiggityMac we can’t comment on any of today’s articles. It been like this since the change over. Guys need something to get mad at each other over :joy: just letting you know cause you said it doesn’t take much more than flipping a switch

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@marshall Im still getting ads on the mobile site despite being logged in. Any clue?

@MiggityMac why can’t I log into the main page ? Keeps giving me my security isn’t private ? Same way I’ve been logging in
Never mind it finally worked