Ads on the site

I am signed into my PFB+ account but running across ads in the main site. Posting publicly in case others are as well.

I do too at times. Some days no , others yes. And when I hit the comment bar it opens a new page in chrome

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Hi, sorry for this inconvenience. Let me look into this for you.

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@michael13 - Friendly neighborhood IT guy here. I have fixed the comment bar opening in a new tab.
For ads, I am looking into what could be causing the sporadic displays. Thanks for hanging in there and letting us know. Please, feel free to tag me with any updates.

@JimD - I am also working on account issues that have popped when updates happened. Could you email me directly at datashopok@gmail[dot]com so I can get your problems addressed?


Thanks a bunch @MiggityMac !!