AJ Ferrari Signs NIL Deal with WWE

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This makes sense.


He is to small for a main event guy at WWE. But, he would be a big crossover ticket

Dolph Ziggler is about 6’0", 225 lbs. Seth Rollins 6’1" 220lbs. Daniel Bryan 5’10" 210lbs.

AJ has loads of personality and could probably bulk up to 225 lbs. over the course of a year or two. Then he pulls down to 205 lbs for MMA.

Basically, I’m agreeing with you that he could be a big crossover figure, but I think he has enough size along with his freak athleticism to gain a following in WWE.

I’m not a β€œpro” wrestling fans, but what direction do they take him? Full on heel? Or over-the-top cocky, but lovable guy? They have to play on the Jersey/Italian stereotype, right?

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