Alan Bowman Embracing Role as the 'Old Guy' and 'Old Head' Entering Seventh Season

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Bowman is preparing for his seventh college football season.

My hope is if he can embrace a role of not throwing off his back foot after six years of college football. Would like him to be more of a runner, but I suppose he is what he is.

QB coach should have fixed that already

Hopefully the QB coach can drastically fix his touchdown to interception ratio as well. I still think the future QB for this team is riding the bench when he should be on the field.

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Isn’t the future Qb almost always riding the bench?

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You’re right. Robinson, Weeden, and Chelf all experienced that. Seems to take desperation to figure out we’ve been playing the wrong guy all along.

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My point is should Chelf have started over Weeden? Bobby Reid had 20 starts and Zac 36. Chelf vs JW Walsh? Chelf 8-5 as starter JW 7-5. You can spin the narrative as you want it…

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My point is should Lunt or Walsh have started over Chelf? Dude was literally behind a first round draft pick at that position. Does nobody think Chelf learned anything from Weeden?

It’s not me spinning the narrative. It’s using common sense and putting two and two together. If we have a history of choosing the wrong QB then we should probably hire better QB and OC coaches. Because it’s obvious the evaluation wasn’t correct to begin with.

But again, ultimately Chelf was 8-5 as a starter and Walsh was 7-5. Their talent was much closer than you think.

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Except for the fact that Chelf could throw the football more accurately and further. Which I would say is a really important attribute to have in a Gundy offense :man_shrugging:.

I almost forgot too. Let’s not forget how we started Garman over a future NFL QB as well (Rudolph). That one seems to slip my mind too.

Clint Chelf
537 att.
59.0 completion
8.0 yards/att
37-15 TD/int
143.1 qb passer rating
Rush 100-501 7 TDS

474 att
63.1 completion
8.3 yards/att
36-10 TD/int
153.3 qb passing eff.
Rush 200-1036 25 TDS

Truth is neither one was a world beater. I liked them both. I recall both being injured in their careers but Walsh more so.

You stated that Garman started over Rudolph. Mason was a freshmen! Spencer Rattler started over Caleb Williams.
Again how many practices do you go to? How do you know Rudolph was comfortable in the offense yet? Garman started out okay he threw for 370 vs Texas Tech and then our line started getting injured, maybe more so than any other year. Do you think it was an obvious choice to put Mason in with a decimated line? Of course you’re going to say yes because you are using hindsight. I forgot you are the qb whisperer. Go get ‘em Captain Football.

Spencer Rattler just came of a 3,700 yard passing season and won a conference title and NY6 bowl. That’s why he was starting. JW and Dax were largely unproven still. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it”. Notice how LR fixed something that ended up broken. He didn’t keep doing the same thing hoping for a different result.

You just proved my point. Experience over talent doesn’t always constitute to being or getting better. You can have experience in something, still fail, and still suck at it. I highly doubt that if Garman were healthy and rolling into Norman, OK we would’ve came out of there with a win if Mr. Statue was under center the entire game.

I personally never understood why we never tried Rudolph that season after losing 5 games in a row. You would think with nothing to lose you’d pull out alll the stops. We better be lucky Statue just happened to be injured and couldn’t play that game.

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I never said experience over talent. You twist a conversation until you think you are right. I noticed how you didn’t touch the Chelf/Walsh debate after I posted the stats. You are not always right. You do spin things the way you want to interpret them.

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Lmao welcome to the world of bill.

@bill18 first before i start to get it to this, tell us who on the bench that should be starting.

Lunt is a prime example of what your calling for. Lunt was this highly recurited guy. Gundy was wrong.

This is you. You are crying after a year we went to the title is another great example of bill knows best. Your all hard on sonny. He went with the young guy. By luck, a injury fix it for him. Where is his pick for qb at now. Where is the experienced qb at. How is sonny doing

I can agree they’re similar, but they also only had a couple of seasons on the same team together. All I know is that in 2013 after Walsh was benched there were less interceptions being thrown and better decision making for the offense.

I never said I am always right. Only people like Robert and Michael do that. Even if you prove them wrong as well.

Statistically speaking the higher your recruiting rankings are the better your team will be. Depends on what type of player fits your system as well. Also depends on the coaching staff. Surprised to see you say Gundy actually got something wrong.

I’m not upset about going to the title game. I had absolutely no expectation of us making the title game, much less winning it. I just think it’s inexcusable to lose games you shouldn’t. Like 78-10 to USA and UCF. Champion programs are proactive and not reactive. OSU football has learned that yet with consistency, and unless we get another great assistant at the OC position i doubt they ever will.

I wasnt saying gundy was wrong it was sarcasm he used your idealistic thought and it was wrong.

Yes your crying
Non stop since you been on this site.

In 2013, the first pass Chelf threw after benching Walsh was an interception! For the year Chelf threw 8 picks in 291 attempts or 2.7% int. Walsh threw 5 picks in 190 attempts or 2.6%. So really the number of picks didn’t change at all.

You don’t need to say anything. Everyone can see some of the decisions he’s made in the past have turned out wrong for him. It’s only hecklers like yourself that don’t want to admit it. For example (again), not giving the ball to your best players when you’re already down 23-0 at home to USA probably wasn’t a very wise decision. There were no halftime adjustments on the offensive side of the ball during that game whatsoever. That falls on both the OC and the HC.

Walsh threw five interceptions in the first four games of 2013. Chelf threw eight in the last nine games of the season. Maybe not much of a difference, but in 2013 I thought Chelf did a better job adjusting the offense and knowing where the ball needed to be.