Alan Bowman Has Been Granted an Additional Year, Will Return to Oklahoma State

Ya know what else is nonsense? Wanting one of the worst QBs in the country back. Seriously, 87th best in the country. We can do better and should have a younger guy who can achieve the same results.

Y’all act like Bowman dropping dimes. Haha. Dude can’t throw the football. It takes every ounce of his being to throw it 30+ yards.


I agree, he’s a 7th year QB he is what he is I doubt he’s getting any better. When they showed his Tech highlights during the bowl game he had the same poor mechanics in 2019 so he hadn’t really progressed in 4 years. I have no problem with him coming back to be an experienced backup and help our young guys learn the ropes, I just think that would be a very awkward situation and highly unlikely.

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I haven’t read all the comments on this but I’m going to say my piece anyway. Thank you Alan Bowman, for beating that team from down south and getting us to a Big 12 championship game.

Now, we have the entire offense returning. Veteran O-line, veteran receivers, best RB in the country… the perfect scenario for a new QB. Do you know what’s not a good time to roll out a new QB? The next year, when all of those other guys we just mentioned are gone. With the guys we have coming back, every QB on the roster could get us to a 9 win season. Why not go with a QB that could possibly have some upside?

Because Gundy is scared of losing. This year would have been the year to see what Rangel has. They could have at least given him a full game without looking over his shoulder. Gunnar wasn’t it and everyone saw that against K State the previous year when he was literally shaking before the snap. So Rangel had to battle with Bowman and Gunnar who was never gonna be the guy. That took reps away from Rangel and probably Flores too. Now you go into this year still not knowing what you have in Rangel. Gunnar transferring out and looking at the offers he probably shouldn’t have had a chance to start this year anyways. Now we get Bowman back who almost threw more INTs than TDs.

I hope Flores is just undeniably better cause ■■■■.


That’s not QBR that is passing efficiency rating.

You are correct, thanks. Fixed my post.

Bottom line for me: you start the guy who gives you the best chance to win every single game. It’s CFP or busy this season. Inside that locker room, it needs to be preached ad nauseum. A Big 12 title this season should be the expectation. Not hoped for. Not wished for. It should be EXPECTED. Part of being the big dog in this new Big 12 is having that exact mindset.


Have you seen any of the early polls? Big Dogs usually step up and OSU hasn’t done that but once in the last 20 years.

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Totally agree here and I think Flores definitely “could” be the guy. I don’t believe that Rangel is. Based on the non-con I liked 1-Gundy, 2-Rangel, 3-Bowman and man was I surprised with how they rolled out the QBs. It reminded me of the year that they kept not starting Chelf, then working him in only to pull him out again, and then he ultimately was the bowl MVP and record holder. Do we have a Weedon or a Rudolph sitting on the bench in Flores or even the incoming freshman Smith? Will we even get the opportunity to find out?

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Not for another year.

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Well, for that, the pass efficiency rating has gone down every year of Dunn’s tenure as OC, regardless of who the QB was.

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Rangel is not going to be the man. He’s just not.

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Thank god you got in on this post to make your title post. I was worried we would miss it.

Lol gundy scared of losing . If we went 5and 7 you would been ok. We won 10 with title game and bowl win and you got guys like you crying. Your mild. Jug and joy will never stop until gundy retires in ten years.

I was hoping Flores. He is the unknown commodity. With our known commodities, including Bowman and Rangel, we will have to again rely on catching teams on their worst of days! jmho…

Hopefully… the only upside to Bowman’s eligibility. I would much rather have Gunnar than Rangel. He has had lots of opportunities.

We all have our opinions, and I respect yours. But, having watched the Bedlam game, OU beat themselves worse than we beat ourselves. It was a terrible game and I won’t hang anybody’s hat on it. Sorry.

Certainly your entitled to your opinion, I respect it and your points have some validity. I was just stating facts. If you want to analyze things such that you take away from his, and the team’s for that matter, achievements then go ahead. For me facts take the lead in what matters. Also I don’t get all this hype on Flores when, aside from one person here who claims to have seen him practice, no one has seen him play. Another example of "the grass is greener elsewhere’ flawed human condition IMO. I say it’s great that Bowman is back. Let him compete with Flores and whoever else is around. Steel sharping Steel should be good for everyone.


Steel sharpening steel should be good, as long as it done before the seasons starts! lol

I realize that my view is cynical to say the least. You are completely correct in that Flores is an unknown to me, but I can find some hope in the unknown versus what I think I know of others. Let’s be honest, we all think the our ‘facts’ take the lead in what matters, but they are actually strong opinions based on some facts. Yours seem to be the fact of a 10 win season and it has credibility. Mine are the facts of interceptions, poor throws at critical times and the unforced errors of the other teams when playing us. It is a fact that OU snapped a ball to the back who then tried to give it to the QB among a myriad of other keystone cops happenings when we got the final Bedlam win. Good for us, sure. But a badly played game by both sides. “This grass is green” can also be a flawed human condition. I hope that your grass is indeed green for our Pokes! …I need some orange colored glasses to see any green in what seems brown grass to me. But, with some encouragment and a few "I told you so"s next season from the blogsophere, I can maybe get there!! lol

Thanks for the well expressed reply. GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

Agreed, I just hope If Rangel or Flores are better they get the honest opportunity to play.

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