An All-Time Sliding Doors Moment: What if Patrick Mahomes Had Chosen OSU?

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What if …?

Of course we would have gotten to a Big 12 title game if Mahomes was our QB. Mason was good but not nearly as good as Mahomes.

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With Gundy, Mason would have started before Mahomes.

There’s no doubt that Mahomes is a special talent in the NFL. However, in college during his playing career, 2014-2016 Tech finished 16-21. During Mahomes last 2 seasons Tech was 12-13 -not exactly setting the world on fire. Further during that time period Tech was 0-8 vs ranked teams including Losing to Oklahoma St twice. Rudolph on the other hand was 4-4 vs ranked teams. Not much of a what if to me.

Of course OSU would have bee. In the national playoff picture.

OSU would have had more talent to put around him.

Tech had what has to be the worse defense in the history of the conference. Remember when we dropped 70 on them? Had Mahomes had even an average defense, Tech could have been a contender. Mason was a great college QB but Mahomes is a generational talent.

Sure, but would that have translated into more wins? Mahomes wasn’t going to help our defense from getting waxed. OSU’s d was better than Tech’s But it wasn’t good either. So instead of him going 0-8 vs ranked teams maybe he wins half of them, so he’s 4-4 just like Mason was. Some of this rear view mirror 20/20 vision. Mahomes was taken with the 10th pick in the NFL draft, so it wasn’t like he was a sure fire talent coming out. Maybe Andy Reid thought so, but at least 10 other teams didn’t, including Buffalo, who traded down with the Chiefs.

Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference. I’m more pro the OSU program as a whole than the Kliff regime. I think it would have gotten us a game or so more a year, if they were the right games it would have made a real difference.