An Unlikely Hero: Cale Cabbiness Ices Cowboys' Win in Boise

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Cabbiness had offers to Northeastern State and Southern Nazarene.

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GREAT story - congratulations, young man!


Boy that looks like a team that can’t stand gundy. I’m suprised he got out of the locker room.
We can’t have this going on any more.

Huge catch and great story esp being from abNorman, seized the day!

On the other hand, Langston Anderson stays injured, doesn’t he? I feel bad for the kid but he just seems injury prone…one day he’s gonna get healthy and show us what’s up…hopefully!

I thought true freshman drop balls? Thought only seniors can catch LOL. Big time time plays by a lot of freshman mr. Gundy. Walk on even.


U need confirm this with Joey. He doesn’t think we should have walk ons

You heard about his comment, “It’s not like we’re putting a freshman out there like at wide receiver.”??? I just made a comment about that on another post, can this guy be more of a Negative Nancy? Good thing Cabbiness didn’t hear it before that play or he likely would’ve blown it.

U guys know cale is a redshirt

Yea he tends to stick his foot in his mouth often. It’s just his defense mechanism by blaming having to play freshmen for bad offense or dropped balls. Blowing smoke. The o’l look over there it’s Superman as he leaves the stage.

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Alabama probably not but we have to get are tight ends somewhere.

Like I said u need to talk to Joey. He thinks walkons are non humans.

He’s a redshirt freshman. Said he worked hard last year to make the traveling squad. It is a big deal for a kid like that.