Arizona QB, Former OSU Target Grant Gunnell Enters Transfer Portal

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A former top target is back on the market.

If he wants to win anything meaningful he should probably go to a blue blood school (or close to it) that will be really needing a QB.

Gundy isn’t looking for a transfer sophomore QB with his kid on board.

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Charlie Brewer of Baylor entered the portal as a grad transfer. Personally, I think he is very good and tough dude. I do not think we would try to get him, but I wish we would.

There is no way he could be content with Spencer Sanders. I still do not think we have any clue how good Illingworth can be since he was basically thrown in the fire without the benefit of a spring or fall camp.

I like the idea of adding a transfer. For some reason, it seems like those guys have a lot of success at the second school. Maybe it is the benefit of working with two sets of coaches who can teach different things?

If Gundy does not go after Gunnell, we could be looking at Bob Simmons part 2. I hope that is not the case, but the blood is thicker than wins could get ugly. Who knows, Gunnar could be the second coming of Weeden.

I guess when you cap the final game off getting beat by your rival 70-7 then it’s time to look elsewhere to go and play.

Well if he’s mad because he got spanked by his rivals then this is not the place for him

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Depends on the second school. Dru Brown sucked. Kyler, Jalen and Baker​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_vomiting: crushed it.

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