Arland Bruce’s Absence Means Cowboys Will Likely Play Big at Wide Receiver

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Outside of Brennan Presley, the Cowboys have a bunch of monsters at WR.

What are the odds he rejoins the team? 10% max?

Too bad we couldn’t hold onto Braylin Presley or Stefon Johnson. Maybe there’ll be more emphasis on running the ball effectively. Of course, you need to be able to block to do that.

Could once in your life follow your own post. How many losing season does tcu between those title games. Dave has a title with 2 put of 3 losing season. Chris has a losing season out of 4. You by saying you want to be like those school means you will have losing seasons.

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None. He may not even play next year.

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Blaine Green at 6-1 200lbs + some change thats kinda small as a cowboy-back. I’ve never really understood that position fully. It seems like fullback TE hybrid position I think. My nephew was offered that position, he was 6-4 220 but opted for base instead cause he wanted to play wide receiver. He led 1st or 3rd in state at wide receiver and destroyed Dax Hill. I hope our wide receiver depth is still good and not depending on one wide receiver the whole season.

I think that’s the plan if what Gundy said is correct. I sure do hope we get away from trying to use the deepball game to open up the run. Usually is the other way around.

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How many playoff appearances and wins does OSU have? How many National Title appearances?

Blah blah. You never can defend your a original thought. You always lead us down orher rabbit holes. Tell me do you actuall hate everyone at osu. Cant you talk about the team without crying.

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It’s not my thoughts or leading you down a rabbit hole. It’s just a factual question. Stop crying and be a man. You know it’s true. One man you claim isn’t very good led his team to a national title game. While Gundy raised the white flag and capped off the season with a 1-5 record his last six games. Not to mention the worst shutout in his career and worst loss to Kansas.

Skipped over talking about the team part. I know you cant you dnt even know who is on the team.

Sunny got it one time. So did your buddy dave with a title.
Sunny didnt win a title either.

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I know who is on the team. A lot of unknowns with this team as well. So what good does that do us here? How can I talk about people who haven’t played a snap at Oklahoma State yet? You want my overall assessment?

QB- ???
RB- solid
WR- solid
OL- average to below average
TE- :man_shrugging:

DL- Above average
LB- average (except Oliver)
CB- average to below average
S- average (except Daniels)

Average to above average = 8-4

So how many playoff appearances. wins, and national title appearances does Gundy have again?

Lets start with the qb. Bowman is a nice qb. Its not an unknown.
Both your solids on rb and wr to me is the depth is questionable. Especially lossin our 4th back and Arlene
Oline was fine for 7 games last year. We are in a better position this year. Better starters and 2nd with depth
Te are bigger so atleast they will help in blocking. The one they think can catch.

Dline im worried about depth a lil
Lb will be better from the start. Cb yea im worried about them the most. Safties are going to roll

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Considering the guy was third on the depth chart at Michigan, played 11 snaps, and hasn’t consistently been in a real game for over three years. I would view that as a red flag for now. Could he be the next Weeden or Corndog? There’s always that possibility I suppose.

I’m not going to have blind faith that’s what it will be like. You should also view it as a red flag that a guy that can’t hardly get on the field at Michigan pretty much coming into Stillwater and being solidified as the starter (even though Gundy won’t admit it) before the fall practice could be a serious concern. Keep in mind we’ve only had one QB drafted since Weeden left in 2011.

Really? Outside of Bray and Presley tell me who on the current WR depth chart you’ve been overly impressed with right now? We barely got to see Shettron. Johnson went to Houston. Bray showed a lot of rust after his injury last season. Braylin Presley is at Tulsa now. Stribling had a nice season last year, but I don’t know how well he’s going to do in this conference.

As far as RB goes I didn’t get to hardly see anything from them because we can’t run block. There’s a reason SS was our leading rusher last season the first half of the season. Apparently Elijah Collins is a lot like Braydon Johnson. Injury prone and can’t stay on the field. I think Ollie Gordon is the man if he can get bigger and stronger. Jaden Nixon seems to be a nice speedy player. Again, I haven’t got to see a lot of him.

Weird because they’ve never been a big factor in our most recent offensive game plans. Maybe that changes this season, but I have to see it to believe it.

Your D-Line has brought in a couple of transfers while you just lost your best LB from last season to USC. I think Oliver will be fine there, but I don’t know that for sure. So I don’t know how you view the opposite.

Maybe Kendal Daniels, but until I see what the others do I can’t say for sure they’re going to be great.

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That just proved no matter what i say you will argue.
You have rb and wr as solids. I say there may be depth issue. You come back with they are not solid.

Like i say you know nothing about the players. Wright will be a good linebacker. May not be as athletic but knows the 3 3 5. Solid lb. We got some good young guys plus Robertson who before a season ended injury mite have started last your
We got to many safeties to mention that will be good. Again know the roster

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I’m not arguing with you. I’m just giving you a personal and honest assessment of the team before the season even begins. Just because you don’t like other people’s opinions doesn’t automatically mean they’re trying to argue with you. You want them to think exactly like you. That’s not how the world works. You made your case and I showed you why I tend to disagree with your case.

You said Wright will be a good linebacker. Okay, according to who? Mason Cobb had 96 tackles (58 solo) against P5 competition last season. Justin Wright had 101 tackles (56 solo) against G5 competition last season. Why is Cobb at USC and Wright isn’t? Maybe they’re similar or maybe Cobb is just a little better.

Again, according to who? Is there one guy at safety outside of Kendal Daniels you can tell me for sure would be All-Big 12 first or second team, heck!!! Even honorable mention?

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Your a moron. You gave your opinion rb and wr are solid. Then i said i like them im worried amout depth. You then to contour me tell me how they are solid, because o agreed with you. You said their solid at wr but only point out to 2 solid receiver. 2 is not solid actually weak.

I didnt know we only count all big 12 players as good. Rucker or rawls could be all big 12.

No problems at lb now. Or oline pathetic

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Outside of the Boise State game what other time have you been worried about depth at the WR position? We’ve pretty much been stacked at the WR position ever since the Blackmon days. Don’t call me a moron because you can’t think.

Rashod Owens has proven to be useful. You have a WR that had 600 yards last season transfer to you. Jaden Bray has shown he can be good when he’s healthy. Brennan Presley doesn’t need any explaining. Blaine Green is alright. Shettron has shown the ability to be potentially good. I don’t think it’s the deepest we’ve had, but I think it’s decent enough.

Rucker couldn’t even start at Wake Forest, and he didn’t start last season.

The jury is still out on the OL. When was the last time we had a decent OL? Four years ago?

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Lol i dnt even know where to start. You contradict yourself.
Now were solid at wr and have depth. When did i have concerns. Well boogie should not be the go to guy.

I agree with you that we have a good group i actually know who they are.

Ok rucker started 2 years at wake. He also could not play first semester. Again showing off your lack of knowledge of roster and osu football.

You are pathetic not oline. 2 years ago we were the number 2 team in big 12 rushing.

Why are you talking about the team, you know nothing. Just keep to telling us when the last title was. Our bedlam record. No wonder only jug is your buddy or daddy. Pathetic billy

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