Article on championship game pathways

How did you leave out the weirdest of reasonable possibilities?

OU loses to ISU, OSU beats Tech, and Baylor wins out.

In that scenario, OSU would have to lose Bedlam by 12 or more to not make the conference title game.

Pathway Scenario: If OSU wins Bedlam then they’re in and playing Baylor. If OU wins Bedlam, then it becomes tie-breaker on scoring margin and Baylor beat OU by 13, and OSU beat Baylor by 10. The tiebreaker rule says the team with the lowest combined scoring margin is eliminated (exact wording from the rule).

In action: Pretend OU wins Bedlam by 10. All three teams would be 7-2 in conference.

OSU would have a net 0 margin of victory total (+10 vs Baylor, -10 vs OU)
Baylor would have a net +3 margin of victory total (-10 vs. OSU, +13 vs. OU)
OU would have a net -3 margin of victory total (-13 vs. Baylor, +10 vs. OSU).

This would result in OU being eliminated and OSU and Baylor being determined to be in the title game, and OSU would be the home team (#1 seed) based on head-to-head.

This, btw, is why Aranda kicked that last second field goal. It could actually matter and the scenario to achieve it, isn’t far-fetched.