Astros with best record in baseball

Fun to watch my Astros this year. Incredible pitching, defense and offense. You never know what might happen in the post season, but the regular season has been sweet.

They’ve really done a lot better ever since pulling an A&M (or did A&M pull an Astros? I can’t recall which came first) and running to the American League.

I’m kidding (I know it wasn’t really their call)… They are my 2nd favorite baseball team (Cards for life) and both loved and hated the Killer B’s back when they had it. They’ve really had a great run the last couple of years, just a shame they aren’t in the NL Central and helping beat up the Cubs.

Congrats to your Cards. I miss the National League. That was Bud Selig wanting to get Milwaukee in the same division as the Cubs so he (his daughter) could make more money with the Brewers. I will never forgive him for that.


Me neither… I hope the Pilots… I mean Brewers… Get busted out in the WC playoff.

I hope and pray to see an Astros/Cards World Series. It would be amazing.

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ahem Not for people who want an entertaining (Dodgers/Astros) series… cough

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Can’t wait for the Astros to revert back to their mean. Houston doesn’t deserve nice things.

I’ve been all in on the Braves since I was a little kid. Bring on a Braves/anyone series.


Ditto to being all-in with Braves …grew up in Atlanta going to Braves games …was in the Fulton County stadium when Aaron hit #500 …can still name the starting lineups during that era!


Acuna is such a beast. He is going to have a great career.

I’m a White Sox fan. Hoping to be competitive next year, assuming they get either Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg…or BOTH (!!!). Just a matter of whether Reinsdorf is going to spend money or not.

Edit: Acuna does strikeout a lot, but that seems to be a league-wide issue, honestly.


JFGDC. I swear all my sports teams are cursed to choke at the worst possible times over and over and over again. Titans, Predators, Bulls, Braves, OKState (yeah yeah but come on, it’s true)…it’s one long set up filled with just enough hope for that next step, then getting slapped back to earth. Getting old.

IYeah but cheering for winners is boring and everybody would hate you.

Like… I worked for the KC Chiefs out of college. They were horrible. Matt Cassell years. I adopted them as my team because Dad threw all the Cowboys stuff out when they hired that scumbag Barry Switzer. Now I still cheer for them… But I feel icky doing so publicly.

A post-season RECORD runs given up in the first inning? I hate me at this point for buying in to the hype and hope.

I’m in the same boat with one notable exception: I come from a long line of StL Cards fans and that’s the only team I’ve supported that doesn’t have a long history of flinching when the stakes are high. I guess I could just pick a winner and bandwagon it regardless of actual connection to the team, but if I wanted to do that I could just go enroll at the local OU anex at Wal-Mart (pick up a B.S. in front-running along with a mesh hat).

I will say, it sure makes it a lot more fun when we do succeed that the teams I back are ones that I’ve always backed…even if it also means it hurts a lot more when they miss the mark.

Bumping this because it’s hilarious in hindsight.

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