Austin Harris to Wrestle Final Year of Eligibility at Life University

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Harris was a win away from being an All-American in 2021.

Great pick up for them.
This is one guy I didn’t like how Smith handled this.
I dnt care if Harris didn’t beat surber. We went thur the same deal with Harris. Until surber gets more weight and strength we were just passing in the wind.
Heavy weight have man init and almost 100 lbs spread.
I dnt see how a year of surber getting pushed around helped us.

Harris showed improvement every year from growth. We get to see this movie over again.

I think it’s great that Harris will be able to step on the mat again instead of just being used as a workout partner. I think he was a true 197 lbs guy who had to go up to heavyweight if he wanted to wrestle. He should do well at the NAIA level. Never heard of Life U. but his choice of career means he is a future millionaire. Smart move!

Surber didn’t spend the whole year getting pushed around. At end of year he beat ou and finished second in Big 12. Gained valuable experience and confidence for the future. If we had a decent strength coach, we could expect a lot of muscular weight gain by next year.

It is a team sport I think Harris would done better.

Being young and 30 to 40 lbs less could have got him hurt.

Best wishes young man!

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