Avery Anderson Declares for NBA Draft, Leaves Door Open for Return

I love Avery Anderson’s game. He made great improvement this year. I looked at NBADraft.net and of course this was before Anderson made his NBA interest known. There were 26 SG’s listed. Getting drafted would be possible for Anderson but it would be unlikely. Another year at OSU and I think his stock will soar. Team leader, All Big 12 and some national recognition would, I think, make him a bonafide draft pick in 2022. Good luck on whatever he decides and I think he has a shot to make the NBA some day. Selfishly, I hope '22 is what he decides.


the 2022 mock draft on that website currently has him at 18 and Kalib Boone at 29. Hopefully he comes back one more year but like I said previously…the window is very narrow for us to win the big 12 and make a FF run. Boynton needs to add some players to make that happen.

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Do you feel winning the conference in basketball is easier than football?

Mocks drafts for 22 can change alot.
I dnt see him going to nba. But if he needs to go there is always Europe.

If ur talking regular season, I would say its the same.
The tournament is a whole lot easier.

Well if the winningest coach in OSU football history can’t even make it to the championship game wouldn’t that make it next to impossible.

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Once again blah blah

Needs another year of development in my opinion. Very rare a team will actually draft him just based on the last few games of this season.

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Agreed. He’s a decent coach, and did great things at Loyola but his style of play will hurt him in the B12 if he doesn’t change it and he had the benefit of one or two game changing players in a league that had mostly none. I think it was a bad hire on OU’s part, they got caught up in the hype.

This isn’t going to really effect OSU if I had to guess. It will only help Avery for future prospect analyses and he’ll be back. Highly doubt anyone’s taking him this year. If he decided to leave anyway and try the G league or something after not getting drafted, that would hurt both him and OSU a ton. Don’t think that happens.

Would have been in 4 of them if they existed in the 2010’s. Gundy’s still definitely on a downward trend and needs to put his head somewhere other than up his own a$$ but to this specific point it’s a bad comparison.

Kind of like Boynton with Cunningham… Oh wait, not much success there either

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