Avery Anderson Declares for NBA Draft, Leaves Door Open for Return

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Sauce Anderson is testing the NBA waters.

Ugh. Not good.

Thats almost the funniest thing I’ve heard on this site.

More power to him.

I think he could make it to the NBA eventually but he definitely needs more time to learn. I don’t think he’s there yet.

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It’s important for boynton to add some quality players to this team because we get one more year with Anderson on this team and maybe even a couple others before they bolt for a professional team.

I know walker will be going. Avery tho needs alot more then a 30 point game.

Here is some big 12 news wv has 3 guys going for the draft.
Ou has 4 trying to leave norman via portal.
Isu got a center from Denver

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As long as he doesn’t sign with an agent it’s no harm no foul. Actually may be beneficial for Avery to hear from scouts what he needs to work on.

They my get it in his head that offensive charging is a foul in nba too.:upside_down_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

I never thought of Avery as a future NBA player at all. After 4 seasons at OSU I thought he could play in Europe. If by chance he did get drafted by NBA team he would be cut really quickly and then what does he do with this life? No college degree and he wasted his college eligibility. Things are really getting crazy with college basketball. All these transfers and guys not at the level of NBA wanting to go for the big bucks there. Just really poor choices going on. I feel sorry for the college coaches no longer being able to have any continuity and no chance to develop a player any longer. Not enough minutes, then goodbye coach. The NCAA created this mess and its up to the coaches now to start protesting. Illinois might be losing all 5 starters. I think Underwood deserves to feel what desertion and lack of loyalty feels like.

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When they start paying players it be worse.
The portal is a joke there are over 1000 players in football each of the last 2 years.

I think we all know that the courts are getting involved and it is just a matter of time before college players get paid. Then why go to college? Just create minor league basketball teams like the G league. That will be the end of college sports as we know it. As expensive as going to college is these days, those scholarships are the equivalent of getting paid for playing.
I also think the transfer portal will result in boosters creating a bidding war by secret promises of payments.

Ou got a coach that’s going to bring Chicago pipe line.

Silly me. I thought the BIG owned Chicago.

Just throwing it out there.
Texas went out and got smart so ou is doing the same.
Didn’t work out for Texas
But Chicago has alot of players and that guy has as much as boynton to new York

Not sure there is any professional team, here or in Europe that wants someone who turns the ball over every time down the court.

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I think OU got the flavor of the month coach. His success is greatly different without krutwig. I think he’s got a small window to build off of his success by loading up with a bunch of transfers this year. If he doesn’t, I think he will take OU to dead last in the big 12. He’s been a coach for 17 years and fired from one job. Just now started seeing success and it revolved around krutwig.

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Nobody watches G League like they don’t watch WNBA. They won’t cause it’ll cost the NBA just like the NFL doe$n’t want to hurt their bottom line. Anyway, I can’t see b.ball players getting much, most programs lose money!

Anderson is nowhere near ready and neither is Likekele who regressed in a major way this past season but that was because we had him in a totally different role. They both need to come back, but if not, they’ll both be playing overseas or the G League. Best wishes whatever they decide.

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Only time will tell. By just looking at the town of tulsa we know guys have come from oru and tu.
One thing these do bring is their good game coach.
They my fine 1 or maybe 2 good to great players. Its the work they do with the other players.
Unlike the nba, college ball still can win with good systems.
I’m with u about 17 years. Even a blind dog fines a bone.