Avery Anderson Returning to Oklahoma State for Junior Season

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/avery-anderson-returning-to-oklahoma-state-for-junior-season/

Sauce is back.

Totally expected outcome but good news anyway and one less worry for fans and coach Boynton. Avery needs to play 4 years to impress the NBA. It might be different than expected next season since most of the opposition will be focusing on defending him since Cade is gone and that could decrease his production. That happened to Jeffrey Carroll. He shined when Jawan Evans was attracting the major part of the defense but the following season without Evans to distract the other teams, he was not as productive. So I will do a wait and see instead of getting too pumped up about what might be Avery’s contribution next season. Regardless, the team just got that much stronger. So go get us a true center now coach. I still see us only as a middle of the pack conference team.