Barry Sanders Notes

Well, just to be clear, the injury that Nash had was a year or two before then so Sanders probably would’ve passed him by that point anyway.

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Ah, got it. Still interesting that Mash started. Wonder if that was due to Barry taking the opening kick back or if it was the original game plan.

That’s where Gundy gets it from and I hate it! He is more loyal to seniors than talent plane and simple😡

Or plain?


So that’s why he started a true freshman at QB last year?

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Nope. Tulsa recruited him hard first, we were late to the party. I think after we offered Kansas State offered him but besides that I don’t know of any other offers he got from D-1 programs.

Mitch Nash was a STUD! I had already left the US by the time he broke his leg but heard he wasn’t the same after that.

That’s why he started Alex Cate over Brandon Weeden in the Colorado game. He’s showed this many times in his career. That’s why when we get a good freshman that can contribute early we don’t see them fully till they are a JR or at the end of their sophomore year. He says their body’s aren’t ready and mentally not ready and so on. You mean Tylan could not have played as a freshmen and did the same thing he did a year later? Back when he played freshmen didn’t play. Old dog old tricks.

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SS was not a true freshman last year he was a redshirt freshman .

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Ok, yes, but the point remains. Started as a redshirt freshman over the senior

A senior that had no seniority in the system that the were operating in . Not a senior that had Spent four years here .

If he had played SS over Cornelius we would have been better last year, and thus better this year as well. Corn’s year was wasted.

SS would’ve needed to come for the spring semester to have a chance at playing early . And with the troubles he had This year after red shirting (turnovers) he needed an extra year .

Would’ve liked to have seen him use his RS freshmen four games though . That could’ve helped identify those issues potentially . TC was a good player and he fit the need a little better . The need for a bigger bodied player that could see the field and be ready for when Our inexperienced o line let guys through.

I see. So, he favors Seniors, but only if he likes them more. Got it. Thanks

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You didn’t have some of your facts right and when I pointed that out you get butt hurt ? Cmon man it’s only sports .

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Ok, look. The guy said he is more loyal to seniors than talent. I pointed out one example where that was false. I was wrong on the true v redshirt but doesn’t negate the point I made. You wanted to get nit picky on a technicality, which was dumb because it didn’t have anything to do with the comment. There are other examples as well, such as starting Trace Ford last year, or Marcus Keyes every game his freshman year, or Jarrick Bernard who started 9 games his freshman year, or others from the past like Justice Hill, Or Tre Flowers, or numerous others that saw significant time, just not as starters. Yes, the preference is experience, which is the case for every coach, but when talent is there Gundy plays it. Wasn’t butthurt, as you said, just thought it was avoidance on your part to argue on a technicality is all.

Spencer was NOT better than Corndog nor ready.

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