Barry Sanders Notes

I started a series yesterday on Barry Sanders and his 1988 season. I’m excited about diving into all those games but wanted to throw this out there for the group: What’s your favorite story, stat, anecdote about Barry?

Barry had more TDs in '88 than Reggie Bush had in his whole career


Our season tickets were right behind some of the player family seats that year, and Barry’s dad sat right in front of us for his first game. I remember my wife complaining about his cigar, but I forgave him as Barry took that first kickoff all the way to the end zone.


My favorite anecdote is that Barry didn’t start in the first offensive series of the 1988 season (after his 100 yd kick return). Senior Mitch Nash did. I only learned this when I listened to the radio broadcast several years ago when they were briefly released by Learfield or OSU or whoever. I went back to look for them but it appears they’ve been removed.


That would be rough to sit behind a cigar for a whole game…

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I wonder if Gundy’s ‘make you miss in a phone booth’ saying originated from watching Barry. The comment was at least applicable during the time.

Also this:


My favorite part is that he was an All American kick returner the year before.
One thing it’d be pretty cool to see, if it’s available, how many carries he had in the 3rd qtr & 4th qtr by game.
Wondering just how far he could’ve taken that season.
I’m not arguing that he should have been in games longer, just curious.


Yes - a yards & TDs per quarter metric or yards & TDs when leading by X or less points metric would be nice. I am glad @kyleporterCBS is doing this series for the younger crowd who didn’t get to see him play. I suspect most have the perception that he’s the GOAT, but they’re not really sure why. Kind of like my perception of Jim Brown. It’s all limited grainy footage and I never saw him play. Just how good was he really? That kind of stuff. But on an OSU fan site we should all be well-versed in Barry.


I’d be interested in the “before he was famous”, like his high school career, recruitment, what others were saying about him when he was at OSU but not the starter yet.

The famous recruiting tape story!

As a kid, I received Barry’s book as a gift. Inside was a highlights DVD. Pretty phenomenal to see his high school clips from Wichita. At one time, he was averaging over 30 yards per carry!!! Just one more reason that he will forever be the GOAT.

Is it true Texas recruited him as a safety?

Just curious how many on here remember Bob Hope introducing Barry on his tv show where he would bring out the AP 1st team aa’s.


My cousin lived in the athletic dorms and he and Barry were in a study group of some kind. He said one day they were playing bball at the Colvin. He said Barry could stand flat footed under the goal and dunk with two hands.


Daily Oklahoman headline, Barry Sanders emerges with career year following benching. :wink:

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These were pretty awesome about Barry

Nash was a higher rated recruit and was originally in front of Sanders on the depth chart but Nash broke his leg, opening the spot for Sanders and the rest is history.

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I did not realize Nash broke his leg!

I grew up in Bartlesville, where Nash was from. Local paper ran a story about it.


So, crazy scenario - with all due respect to the GOAT (my favorite athlete) - but say we didn’t have Barry that year, but we had a health Mitch Nash. How big a season could he have had with the War Pigs and Garret Limbrick clearing a path and Gundy/Dykes providing alternate threats?

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