Baseball recuirting

Someone was asking about recuirting. I told them go to 247, but that site is a joke.
Go to perfect game.
I am real surprised that Matt hoillday son is a recuirt, and have not seen anything on here.
2022 recuirt
Not gas high as his dad but has another year.
I do hate baseball because u never know how u will have left.
I didn’t go in deep on the 2021 class I do know we have on how is draftable.
Ok hope that help. Perfect game.

Garrett benge lil bro is on this year’s recuirt list. This class has 4 10 rated players. So wednesday we will find out who we still have left.

What does recuirting mean?

Getting out of the post. This is reference to real osu fans not some drunk who yells at the sceen when gundy wins.

Not a drunk Robert. Still didn’t tell me what recuirting is.

Recruiting is what good coaches do. Coaches that can actually compete in the conference.

I know what recruiting is. Robert is discussing recuirting. Not sure what he’s talking about.

I’m glad u two yahoos are still not actually fans of osu.
Ar0 only can say 2 and 12. Logan just wants more wins.
Captain obvious has alot on u too. So I inverted a letter. That still makes u a dill do.
Logan at no point in talking with u have u every said anything about sports. U say a lot about grammar. Maybe u should start a English site. U can post all u nightmare spelling events that have led u to this pathetic life of sitting in the bar screaming at gundy and his mullet while he wins.

Not a drunk. I’m also not angry when OSU loses. I’m relieved when they beat anyone besides KU. I am a fan and a grad of OSU, something yourself can’t say. I talk about your grammar because it proves you are retarded. You seem to project a lot about the drunk anger.

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I didn’t say anything about osu loses I said ur mad when gundy wins. Only a drunk would think there cool when this was first none of ur business since ur not a fan. Oh that’s pretty much it. I’m try to pass.a long good info about osu ur trying to do ur normal chit, " look at my I’m logan I know nothing about sports but I’m going to be on here."

I’m a fan that’s sick of Gundy’s poor coaching. At least Boynton has the basketball team going in a promising direction to fill in for the disappointing and underperforming Gundy led football team.

A fan does go around on every article crying. U really have no boundaries. I do know I spelled baseball rite.
When boynton goes to the dance 14 more times I will feel ur rite about him. But a big 12 school going to the dance and win a game is not earth shattering. Personal I thought how it played out we should have been an elite 8. So we r both disappointed. Get over it.