Basketball Chatter - Lack of Team Chemistry

So, some interesting takes today from some family members of players on the OKState roster…

These particular family members seem to think that a big reason there has been so many issues this season is, because there is a lack of chemistry as a whole. This mainly stemming from a few seniors that believe this has to be their “big” year, so that they have a shot at the NBA. This situation apparently has turned a few into some bad seeds that have caused issues. And it kind of makes sense. Especially, if you look at the defense (the trust and communication that comes with playing good defense), and then the lack of senior leadership. People just worrying and playing for themselves.

Very interesting, but to me it’s more sad than anything. Selfish players drive me nuts (personally). But if you really look at those seniors… there isn’t one pro player. Maybe some guys who go over seas for a while. But none of them are NBA level type players.

If true, would not surprise me all that much.

While there’s no way to confirm you know those people (besides telling us), I would guess Laurent fits that story.

Sure… I get that…

It actually wasn’t Laurent that was the main name that I heard that was causing issues. It was actually Cam McGriff. I was surprised to hear that, but it kind of makes sense. Yes, he has had some good games offensively, but for the most part he has struggled, and hasn’t had a great senior year. Looks like he has tried to force his game on the offensive end, and not let it come to him within the game. And defensively, he has looked disinterested, and in a way has played selfishly. Just not normal for him.

I’ve always been a fan of McGriff. His raw athleticism. His intense slams. Etc. Like I said, it surprised me to hear his name. At the same time though, it doesn’t surprise me. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I think if that’s the case a coach, pick one, has to go to these guys and tell them realistically the NBA ain’t happening.

Nobody on this team is an NBA player. Not even Ice.

I wouldn’t go that far. I actually think Ice & Yor are both pros. They both have to continue to develop. If Yor becomes consistent and performs like he did in the Pre-Season NIT, then he is a definite pro. If Ice gets back to playing how he was prior to getting mono, then he too is a pro. I don’t think he is as good as Marcus Smart, but he is the same type of player. Smart is doing just fine in the NBA without a 3pt shot. Outside of those two, you are correct. There isn’t a NBA guy on the team.

They may be pros, but neither are an NBA player right now.

Yor can hardly score now, how is he going to score in the NBA where everyone is as long as he is? His defense isn’t NBA level either. You can’t just stand under the rim in the NBA, and I’ve not done a ton of research, but I can confidently say that he would be OBLITERATED by a pick and roll offense.

Ice is closer, but you’re going to tell me Markel Brown isn’t going to make it in the NBA consistently and Ice is? Ice has no range and is a good finisher but in the NBA you have to be able to shoot at some point. Marcus Smart is an elite defender, that’s why he’s in the NBA. If Ice can become that way then great, but I don’t see it. He would crack an G league roster and a few NBA games maybe due to injury, but he’s not seeing an NBA floor consistently right now.


I think Smart is a way better 3pt shooter than Ice. I can see Yor and Ice playing professionally, but not in the NBA.

Smart is shooting 35% from 3 this year, which considering at one point it was 25% is pretty good for his kind of player.

Edit: to this point Ice is currently at 23% in college

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I think playing with Cade next year will help Ice and Averys development quite a bit.

Marcus Smart has always had some semblance of a jumpshot, though. Ice doesn’t even have that, unfortunately. He doesn’t even take 10-15 footers often.

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Exactly. In the NBA you have to be able to stop and shoot from 10 feet. He’s definitely not good enough to get to the rim every time down the floor.


I can shoot 10-15 footers all day. Am I a pro?

notice I did not say make, merely shoot

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