Baylor Shuts Down Football Facility Two Days Before Hosting OSU

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Things aren’t looking great for this weekend.

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Hopefully they cancel the game so I don’t have to watch and suffer anymore.


Cancel it and move on.

I could very well have been a loss.

I’m betting Gundy hopes it’s canceled as well.

It’s going to be if your not in the 4 team playoff then call it quits for everybody and I think that’s a good idea right now

They are going to have a hard time playing the playoff itself I think.

I got tired of watching TCU’s Duggan running through our defense. I really don’t care to watch Brewer play against Cowboy D.

I don’t understand canceling these games. I see this as injuries. You have some control over injuries but sometimes your starting kicker get injured in warm ups and that’s it. If your team has COVID problems because they’re undisciplined or just random chance, either play with who you have or call it a loss/forfeit.

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