Baylor What. The. F#ck. Not even a slap on the wrist.


It’s just ncaa chicken chit. It’s weird how Baylor found more fault then the ncaa

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What I dnt understand why people aren’t going to jail. Guys like briles and miles who hide assaults are breaking the law. They need to start going around arresting these guys.

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In the case of Baylor and Briles, law enforcement was helping to cover things up. The corruption went to the Waco PD, McLennon County Sherrifs Office, Baylor AD, Baylor president…just so wide-spread. Clearly, the NCAA showed an unwillingness to do the job they were supposed to. Once it became known how bad things had gotten, there should’ve been an FBI investigation. Take the decision-making power away from anyone with a financial interest including the NCAA. If the FBI flat tells Baylor to shut the football program down, or the entire athletic department, that would’ve been a good start.


The NCAA came down a little hard on Baylor, IMO.

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Speaking of former Baylor president Kenneth Starr…did you know he defended Jeffrey Epstein the first time he got into trouble and got the wrist-slap? IMO Baylor should’ve fired him for that alone…how can an active uni president at a Baptist university defend a pedophile???

That dude has no morals whatsoever.

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Please tell me that was sarcasm and you forgot the /s.

I don’t understand how you can be the acting president of a university and practice law at the same time? Particularly a pretty notorious, high-profile case like Epstein?!

Baylor thought it would be prestigious

They got fined and put on four year’s probation for not reporting anything. That’s a hefty sanction for not cooperating with the NCAA.

But the probation didn’t limit the number of players just tge time the can spend with them

That’s huge, recruiting will be impacted because of it. They shouldn’t have been fined either. $5k? I bet it costs more to address and process the fine than the value of fine itself. The whole thing should have just been dismissed.

Well briles is free to come be r hc now

Gud. He wud do well at Okie Stat.

Thats when briles will actually get bust. And we would get 5 year of 5 lost recruits.
Ncaa is a joke. Baylor found more stuff wrong then they did. But sure if football is more important then helping victims let’s do it. Let’s go thugs

It’s funny if u have no morals or respect for the law and victims, my spelling should be liberating.

I have morals, but if we’re talking about the specific punishment of neglect to comply by Baylor I stand by it. Unfortunately it really serves as a baseline for what all schools should expect and can exploit in the future to cover up whatever transgressions they may have. Just turn a blind eye for half a decade and the NCAA will give up.

The NCAA shouldn’t even exist at this point. They serve no real purpose now that all the petty shi+ they typically penalize schools for doesn’t even matter ow that NIL is in place.

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We knew this after the penn state

$96 a rape is a pretty good deal for a Baptist institution. Would’ve been a better rate if they were Catholic. :man_facepalming:

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They couldn’t dismiss it. They had to do something. The NCAA has already given itself several black-eyes in the past 5-10 years when it comes to punishment. Behind closed doors, I wonder if they think they are hanging onto their power by a tiny thread. No punishment whatsoever for Baylor may have been enough to cause a massive uprising.