Bears OL, Former OSU Star Teven Jenkins to Undergo Back Surgery

Have you not seen Rudolph lately? Looks like his career is going to end before it can even get started.

How is that gundys fault good lord . He sure had a hell of a college career that put him in a a position to be successful. Same with weeden same with Gilbert. I don’t consider Blackmon a bust cause that dude was about to have one hell of a career. Oklahoma state put them in the right position to be successful the rest is on them

So your saying it’s an individual behavior or motivation problem? That’s cool I suppose, but I think you’re question would be better served to ask the man that preaches Cowboy Culture above everything else, and ask him why his NFL players rarely pan out after college.

Sounds like he must be one hell of a coach.

Yeah your right. Hasn’t won anything meaningful in almost a decade with one bedlam win, and embarrassed the university, but yeah…….he’s awesome.


Way to go off topic to repeat your same lines over and over :rofl:

Hey I’m just doing what you’re buddy Roberto would do.

You do it everyday my man, everyday.

No but if we are talking about the last decade.
Tyreek Hill
Tyron Johnson
Chris Carson
Blake Jarwin
There, I named 4 to your 2.

Hill is getting the ball 3 times less in kc. Gundy had him doing everything end stop.
Carson was hurt both of his years at osu. And has continued that with the Seahawks.
Johnson was r third option just like Washington is Pittsburgh 5th option.
Jarwin simply, with seales and all the other receivers.

What I fund the funniest is that both u and Joey would not even have 3 of those kids on osu.
Carson and hill were juco kids and Jarwin was a walkon.
U guys dnt get it. It’s fine to say things. But say real stuff and dnt have double standards for gundy.

Tyron really?

Besides number one running backs. I can’t think of anyone getting more touches then hill. He did get the ball 200 times.
But if u can think of away for hill to play slot and rb at the same time tell us.

He shouldn’t have been playing running back.

Who hill? That’s half of his touchs.
Joey wanted him to play more rb.
U need to figure out what u want more touches or no rb. Can’t have both. Oh yea I forgot u guys are the double (American ) standard. Get off the pot.

For those of u who dnt know who a American standard is, they make toilets. Thats were ar0 does his best thinking until he flushes.

You’re as funny as hemorrhoids.

Get bigger seat. American standard make them
But, really if u got hemorrhoids I can see why ur thinking is off.

You’re the hemorrhoid.

I guess if we’re gonna say Gundy is responsible for all these draft busts in the nfl then I guess nick saban is responsible for two of the biggest draft busts in history. ( according to some) jamarcus Russell and Trent Richardson