Bears OL, Former OSU Star Teven Jenkins to Undergo Back Surgery

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Jenkins could be out for the year.

I hope he gets better and has a successful career. We’ve already had too many Gundy NFL busts.

I guess these kids just try so hard to show out in the first year in the pros that they end up hurting them selves. Seems like it happens a lot. Get well kid

How is it gundys fault if an nfl team evaluates a kid decides they want him and he doesn’t work out? Please explain that to me

Didn’t think so

Most people go to college to be trained and educated in order to be successful in the next level or what ever they choose to do. Not working out for several of Gundy’s.

He’s had plenty go not his fault if they don’t work out or are you like our lovely president that blames his decisions on trump?

If a quarterback doesn’t know how to read a defense or a receiver only knows how to run one route. It’s his fault.

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Lol :joy: if that was the case why would you waste second and 3rd round picks on them? :thinking:

Why would the quarterback that lead the second best offense in the nation be the seventh quarterback taken and not till the 3rd round?

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What ru talking about? Those guys don’t care about that, the dude got drafted to a good team and has had plenty of shots. Gundy and his staff put him in a great position and he hasn’t delivered yet, that’s on Rudolph

The NFL doesn’t just want Lincoln Riley quarterbacks, they want his whole offensive scheme. NFL coaches are flocking to OU trying to figure it out.

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This has nothing to do with conversation at hand , I really don’t care what the nfl people want from Lincoln Reilly

The conversation at hand is preparing these young men to be successful. At OSU it’s not happening on the offensive side of the ball. The few that have been successful were under utilized while at OSU.

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So you don’t consider kids being drafted and signing million dollar contracts successful! I’ll be dam*ed guess the majority of this world are complete failures!

And you consider Russell okung under utilized ? Dez Bryant?

I believe AR has already answered the question for you.

Your talking about a time where Gundy was still considered a relatively good coach. That’s not the case now because he isn’t a good coach any longer. Good coaches are resilient, adapt, and overcome challenges and changes. Gundy hasn’t figured out how to do that, and to be quite honest it’s starting to look more like he can’t year after year. He doesn’t develop players any longer. Cause if he did he wouldn’t have a QB on campus for three years now that still eyeballs his targets before the ball is snapped.

Dude y’all are literally considering mason Rudolph this big bust he was a 3rd round pick. He was drafted got paid and is still on the roster it is not gundys fault he hasn’t progressed.

No he jumped around the question by once again comparing Oklahoma states program to OU.