Bedlam Football Game Kickoff Time, Television Details Announced

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Primetime Pokes ride again.


I’m guessing Gameday might have this one pegged considering both teams will still be ranked coming into this game.

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It’ll be Bedlam or the Iron Bowl, but yeah looking at the schedule, it’ll probably be Bedlam.

Auburn is 5-5. I have a real hard time justifying why you would go to watch #2 Bama against an unranked .500 team.

Michigan and Ohio State could get it too.


It’s ESPN, they’ll find a way justify putting more SEC teams on :rofl:

I forgot about that one. Yeah, they’ll go with that one probably.

They announced yesterday their going to the Michigan vs tosu game

That’s Michigan State not Michigan

Sorry I typed it in and didn’t pay attention.
We then we should get it

OU is an SEC team as far as I’m concerned. F em.

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