Bedlam Instacap: Oklahoma State Defeats Oklahoma 37-33

He did exactly what I wanted him to in this game. It was pretty obvious from the get go that we weren’t going to be able to gain much yardage against OU in the running game.

I wanted him to attack OU in the midfield and intermediate passing game and that’s exactly what they did. I thought the offense did a decent job minus the turnovers.

I thought he played not to lose a little bit towards the end, but given the fact we had turned the ball over so much I guess I can’t really blame him. Thankfully the defense held.


That last drive was totally typical gundy play not to lose. I thought for sure they blew it when they didn’t get the first down.


Yeah!! We pretty much gave OU all their points to stay in it. It’s crazy to me how much better we looked defensively and even at times offensively and almost found a way to lose!!!


I’m with Joe I didn’t hate it. We had trouble turning the ball over and the D had been playing well. Take their timeouts and ask your D for one more stop.

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I’m not against running for the first but I wish he would’ve let sanders try to run it 2 of the 3 tries

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Yes, after that first quarter we had control of the game we just couldn’t get out of our own way.

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The last 2 drives I really thought we were going to lose because of the conservative play calling. I’m all for milking the clock out but I definitely wanted to score one more time so Sooner magic didn’t happen or at least keep picking up first downs to really drain the clock. So flicking excite our defense came through.

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I kind of thought after the first two runs on that last offensive drive he should’ve bombed it deep to see what happens.

If OU gets it back deep in their own territory then so be it!!! If you get the first down or get the PI call you get the first down and can run the clock out.

You could tell by the way OU’s defensive formation was they knew Gundy would run the ball and rely on the defense.

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An sweep option should have done it…

We’re you at the game? I heard someone say those exact words on the ramp right after it happened.

A BS call by the ref. Never touched the punter.

We practically gave their team 23 points and they want to blame the loss on two or three plays the ref didn’t call!!!

If anything they should be going after their own players and coaches. You should go look at their Twitter page. It’s hilarious!!

Hope Sanders cock is okay after that rat kicked it when he was on the ground.

Still the same negative shittt it’s lit in stilly!

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The usual Big12 league call for the land thieves! Alas

Poor Sooners!