Bedlam Playoff - Pokes in Big 12 Championship Game

Berry Tramel said on Cowboy Chronicles after the game that if Oklahoma loses another conference game prior to Bedlam (Baylor), & Oklahoma State wins out, then OSU is in the championship game.

This would be awesome.

Odds are low but I’ll take them.


Insert Jim Carey “So, you’re sayin there’s a chance” gif


Texas has to lose two more times as well.

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…assuming we beat OU?

Exactly. They’ll have 2 conference losses coming into Bedlam, we’ll make it 3. Then, as we’ll be tied w/ 3 losses, we’ll have the head 2 head.

Big XII Championship, here we come! Go Pokes!

(dilusional…perhaps, but I have hope)


They could be the opponent…Texas that is.

If Texas would be the opponent then Baylor would have to go 1-4 in their final five games for OSU to go to the championship game over them.

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So who are we rooting for this weekend in Big 12 games then?

KSU over TX?
ISU over OU?
TCU over BAY or does this one really matter?
WVU over TTU?

I think we need Baylor to win out (gag). OSU to win out (yay!). And Texas to drop one or two (praying). Then we should be in, some how

We also need KSU and ISU to drop another game each.

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If one loses this weekend (good chance both might lose), we gotta cheer for the loser when they play each other at the end of the season

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So if we win out, do we get the Sugar Bowl…?

If we win the big 12 and if that’s the tie in, then yes

If we managed to get to Arlington and win would would have the sugar, and Baylor would probably get an NY6 at large

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Well crap this theory is out the window. Will work on a new one

Nevermind I was in a wine haze. My bad

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