Bedlam Recap: Cowboys' Second-Half Surge Leaves Sooners in the Dust 72-56

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Where has this team been?

If we could get 60-70% of what we got in the second half every night we would be a good team. For the love of god please let this shooting carry into Saturday.


There are a lot of areas where Boynton needs to improve, but I have to give him credit for 2 things he does really well:

  1. Extremely likeable guy
  2. He wins Bedlam

Can we get that 2nd half Cowboy team going forward in conference play? They looked more relaxed and played loose on offense in the second half and I think that’s the way to go with this group. When they start getting rigid and focusing too much on running the sets it seems like we struggle to score. The defense is good enough if they can keep up the intensity.

8-10 in conference would likely get us in the tournament. Need to win as many home games as possible.


Great to see the offense come to life on the 2nd half. Hopefully this is the turnaround they need going forward. We shall see soon :point_up_2::tangerine:

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I’ll admit it: I missed it. With a couple of minutes remaining in the first half, I handed the remote to my better half and said “watch what you wanna watch; I can’t stand watching this.”

Delighted to wake up this morning and read this story!


You weren’t the only one. I didn’t watch at all because i had to get up early for work. Before I went to bed i saw the score at half and said “Yep, pretty much what I expected :roll_eyes:”. Needless to say this morning started off with a pleasant surprise.


We had are best half of the year at kansas. Didnt even carry over to the 2nd half. Lol just saying.

Well i now there has been alot of hype about the big 12. Im not sure if sweeping tech, goons and hillbillies is goning to be enough. Yes a couple of home wins over the top teams. We will still be 16 and 14.

I haven’t got sucked in yet. But nit is better then nothing

I started watching with 4 minute left int the first half . They score right before half sucked me in. Started talking with a sooner buddy things reAlly took off. Maybe I can find an Iowa
State fan to chop it up with next time .