Believe it or Not: Dezmon Jackson's Star Turn, QB Uncertainty

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Resetting with expectations ahead of 2021.

Grad school would help any sr. If ld thinks he will get more carries he may come back. As long as we don’t lose 5 ol before the first half next yr we should have a good line. But this language thing is absolutely nonsense. Sanders is just not quick enough. He just cant check off and make decisions fast enough. Not that accurate too. Shane is this slow pro style qb that does get turnovers or sacked as much. So Sanders has no benefits. He could be 3rd string next yr.

Won’t Dezmon Jackson still have two years of eligibility after this year since this year does not count?

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Sanders should be better at this point, but playcalling and OLine play hasn’t helped much at all. If you notice he tends to be pretty on point and accurate in the first half of games, and then for some inexplainable reason we completely switch the offense in the 2nd half every week and he struggles. The coaches need to learn how to create advantages, because they’ve been terrible. Sanders isn’t doing great, but they keep forcing him to throw deep balls when there’s only 1 or two receiving options and no line protection to boot. I bet he’d be going wild in Riley’s offense right now.

I bet Riley would’ve benched him after the second bone headed decision when he’s been in the system 3 years.

I am as ‘conflicted’ about the current and future state of Cowboy football as I’ve ever been. Very sad given I am optimistic person by nature and Cowboy football in general. However, I genuinely feel that the Board of Trustees ‘should not’ invoke the automatic rollover in Gundy’s contract this year. The HC transition should begin NOW! With the buyout reduced by $1M voluntarily earlier this year and not invoking the ‘auto renew’ at end-of-season, the buyout for Gundy gets alot more affordable for OSU Athletics at 75% of the remaining term…18 yrs for Stoops and 17 yrs for Gundy after 2021…its time … a sense of renewed optimism is badly needed for OSU football … it feels very stale to me under current direction and recruiting performances have not improved even after the big budget increase several years ago .

He wouldn’t be forced into boneheaded decisions if he had easy targets every play. We have “the best defense in the conference” and OU players were running WIDE OPEN 5-10 yard routes over and over and over on us. It’d be hard to screw that up. We never put our QBs in position to settle in that easily. On the flip side, with rattler throwing so many picks for OU, How many would he throw if he played for us?

I would have to agree. Gundy has taken us as far as he can go, which considering where we were is very impressive. Time for some new blood.

exactly what i was thinking

we rarely throw over the middle anymore. Whether that be to our inside receivers like Stoner - or to Cowboy Backs like Jelani (biggest human on the field).

Do you think that is by design (OC just isn’t calling those plays) or is SS just zeroing in on his favorite receiver over and over and over without going through his progressions?

If the running game is working - like it obviously was on Saturday - then i think Illingworth is the best suited QB since he’s the better passer.

But when we can’t run at all - like the Texas game - having a mobile QB like SS is the way to go.

All that to say, i’m not really “worried” about the QB position going forward - i’m more worried about being healthy and having a competent O-line on the field. Because when we can run the ball AND pass, it’s a beautiful thing.

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We don’t throw over the middle because gundy has said that it’s not worth a kid’s career. In other words it’s to dangerous.

He tries to be a parent and baby his players more than just being a football coach. This very thing is what holds osu football back and he is getting softer every year he stays around.

i hope that isn’t true