Believe it or Not: On Illingworth and the OSU Defense

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Time to reset on this fine Monday.

We still have problems with the middle. When we face a dual qb it will show more. They are best. Never so deep, we got starters 2 deep. Brewer is a better qb. Not a true dual qb, but can run if let out of the box. I sure do miss Spence’s turnovers lol. Penalties have been ok, but off side face mask roughing passer got to stop. Big 12 defensive will have penalties, limit to saving a 40 yd pass.

I’m all in on Illingworth, but have no problem with a switch back to Sanders. I’ve never been high on Sanders decision making. His running is great, but there were also times last year where misread the RPO, and it seemed he did so thinking he was more talented than the D on the other side (this isn’t HS anymore). Now that being said, he hasn’t been given the opportunity to prove me wrong this year, and he deserves it…but Illingworth is way more than capable if Sanders hasn’t improved.

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“Can I say I told you so?“

No…because one guy got 8 carries and the other guy got 20 carries. So I don’t know if LD would have gotten just as many yards or not based on his limited amount of carries. One thing is for sure I didn’t watch LD Brown fumble the ball all over the field last week either. I’ll give Chuba credit considering he was able to clean things up and average around 7 yards per carry. Hopefully Chuba keeps that focus and give us many more games like this in the future. Then again it’s Kansas and almost any HB in the country should probably be able to rush for over 100 against KU despite how good they are or their offensive line.

I agree that Sanders should get a chance to prove himself. The question is, when he comes back and is ineffective, which will happen because he is not very good, how long does Gundy wait to go with Illingworth. Gundy has a long history of waiting way too long to bench an ineffective QB in favor of the more talented backup (Reid/Robinson, Robinson/Weeden, Garmon/Rudolph).

I was on board with Ld before the season. He had 2 catches too. With this season not count and Ld under 200 carries in 5 yrs, he should be fresh for next yr. I’m not going to bet the farm on sanders.

QB,'s have their biggest improvement in their 2nd year. Sanders was admittedly a little antsy in the first game but I expect improvement against Baylor.

Sanders is not the guy. The offense has NEVER been fluid with him at the helm other than his first game at Oregon State.
Gundy goes into run mode only which makes the offense so readable our offense goes to pieces.
Shane Illingworth will be the best quarterback in Oklahoma States history, write it down.
Let him play NOW!

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With our OL concerns, we need a QB with the ability to run and scramble. I hope Sanders is 100% and we can see him play with few mistakes. Love Illingworth as a future starter!

Illingworth was one of the top QB recruits in the country and is only 1-2 years behind Sanders. He did not come to Stillwater to sit for three years. I have no idea what the recruiting conversations looked like, but it would have been a really tough sell to get Illingworth to Stillwater if the coaches did not think there was a decent chance he could take Sanders’ job.

I agree that it is too early to jump to conclusions about our defense and our QBs. Time will tell.
We have not been tested by the 3 lowly teams we have beaten. Sanders is skilled at running for sure but each time he does that he risks another injury so I’m not excited about seeing him in there to add the extra dimension of scrambling and running. Considering injuries, I would propose that the NCAA consider adopting a rule that would limit the weight of football players. That has been done in college wrestling at heavyweight.

Not sure why weight limits came about here on football. 285 is the limit, that would pretty much have no lineman

What I don’t believe is why the other Kyle hasn’t been on. And no it’s not an invite. We will just have to wait and see on Sanders.

I do know when sanders came here there was talk of him being pro after junior yr.