Believe It or Not: On Mike Gundy's Bedlam Struggles, and a QB Conundrum

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Resetting after a Bedlam loss.

Why do you continue to think Sanders can do it. I’ve watched and played enough football that a freshman or redshirt freshman quarterback usually is going to have “it” or not have “it” after 4 to 5 games. Sanders just doesn’t make decisions quickly enough and doesn’t have any kid of long ball passing skills. He is a turnover machine and enough is enough.
A good example is OU’s Spencer Rattler, dude looked pretty rough his first 5 games but looked like a superstar against us.

So Boone? What finally did it for you to make you realize Gundy has an OU problem? Was the 2-13 record before this blowout not an indicator? Was the 1-3 record as a favorite not another one? Was it his conservative nature and raising the white flag before the battle even begins in some bedlam games not an indicator?

He’s the same man that in 2013 tried to play “his game” and lost as a favorite when Stoops went for a fake FG for a touchdown.

He’s the same man in 2009 that tried running the ball in Bedlam against one of the best defensive fronts in the country and not putting a healthy QB in to relieve an injured Robinson that couldn’t pass to save his life.

He’s the same man in 2016 that wouldn’t throw the ball to James Washington and kneeled the ball at midfield with a minute remaining and some timeouts left when the game is tied.

And here in 2020 he’s the same man that still kneels the ball at midfield with all his timeouts left, and punts from the OU 39 with 12 minutes still remaining. So what if you don’t get it? At least you are showing people that your trying to close the gap. All he essentially wanted to do was end the game and go home to his mansion.

Those actions sounds like a man trying to loose games you know throw games? Why would he do this🤔.