Believe it or Not: OSU the Best in the Big 12, No QB Competition

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Time to reset after game weekend.

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I think LD will get better as the season goes along. He should come back next year to improve his numbers.
Sanders is rusty no doubt. He will improve as the year goes as well. He basically hasn’t played since last year and hasn’t met the 15 game threshold of where the game really slows down.

The point by Gundy at the end says it all about sanders right now. I think he played better than people give him credit for Saturday. One of his two picks was deflected as left his hand, and probably would have been completed otherwise as Tylan was open on the comeback. Just bad luck. The other was his fault, he waited way to long to pull the trigger. But these are the team’s stats on the two drives following his two picks-

-3 plays, 69 yards, TD (Sanders 2-2, 53 yds, TD)
-4 plays, 67 yards, TD (sanders 2-2, 51 yds, 14 yd TD run)

Last year, it seemed like he’d regress and start pressing after a turnover. Saturday his two best drives followed turnovers. That’s a good sign.

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I think Sanders goes bonkers against Texas. Texas’ D has not been any good and Rattler and Dugan ran for a bunch on them. I bet we come out extremely aggressive offensively. I also think the coaches know the offense will be tasked to do more than they’ve had to so far, I don’t see the defense holding Texas to two scores like they have everyone else. Even with good defense Texas will find a way to get into the endzone a few times.


I think the Texas game will tell us a lot about this team and Sanders. Texas is going to give us their best coming off of a bye where they got beat by OU last time. If we beat them and Sanders plays well, and by play well I mean no turnovers, then I’ll start to believe it. If not we may sneak into the conference championship game but I don’t know that we win it, and if Sanders keeps turning the ball over he’ll get benched, as dynamic as he is Gundy hates QB’s that turn it over as he should hard to win with it.

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Boone, props to you for showing you’re a Shapiro fan…“I’m old enough to remember…” Maybe?

Texas has kept only Baylor under 30 (baylor has problems). If we don’t get over 30 then we to have troubles. Ehlinger is all I have to say. We control him we win. Control him he will make mistakes.

Texas beat Baylor last week and dominated them defensively until late in the game. Texas will be a very tough game. Let’s just get another W!

I think there is a lot of similarities between Ehlinger and Purdy. Both can beat you rushing and passing if you are not applying pressure. When we started coming after Purdy on Saturday he was not effective. Same with Ehlinger. Have to get after him early.

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Exactly.:face_with_monocle: the difference is ehlinger knows it’s all him. He try running more the purdy. It’s his senior at Texas

U do know ur talking about Baylor. They lost alot of players from last yr. With virus stuff the team is a mess. Yes brewer is a good qb.

The Baylor fan base would disagree with you on Brewer being a good QB. He was good but was hurt at some point last year and has not been the same since. Arm strength is questionable which leads to hesitation and bad throws. Again, that is what I’m reading about him on ODB.

If u know from his site we know how fans r.:upside_down_face::wink::rofl: I have not pay much to him, so went and looked at his #'s. All I can say the in line with other yrs. I do think he is not run as much. I also under the impression his oline was as good or his receivers. :thinking::man_shrugging:

Gundy needs to quit playing with fire and step on the opponents throat when we have them down and quit running out the clock before halftime with 30 40 seconds left when we could get a field goal. Man he gets more conservative as he gets older and could bite us in the butt before the season ends. But 4-0 can’t really argue that much.

You are right. It looks like this year the Bears aren’t that good. It just seems Baylor has a way of playing over their heads against the Cowboys. Has Baylor won 5 out of the last 6 against OSU?

Baylor has score 30 in there last two games. Baylor and tech has are number. But will get through them both this yr.:partying_face::hugs::wink: